KUWTK: Billie Eilish Seemingly Shades Travis Scott During Concert

Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kylie Jenner's boyfriend, Travis Scott, is not yet in the clear from the events at his Astroworld festival as singer Billie Eilish seemingly shaded him during her concert. Travis has been under fire for months since his Astroworld performance on November 5 resulted in 10 deaths and hundreds of injuries. The chaos began when the crowd surged towards the stage during the rapper's headlining set, causing audience members to be trampled and compressed together. Videos online showed fans begging camera operators and security to stop the show due to the chaos in the audience; however, their requests were ignored, and the show continued on.

Astroworld performer Travis was met with criticism from fans online, received lawsuits and was even pulled from the cover of W magazine, where he was supposed to star with girlfriend Kylie. After the tragedies, social media users began sharing their favorite videos of moments when performers stopped their concerts to help out fans in the audience. One example was from a 2019 ASAP Rocky concert where the rapper noticed fans piling on top of each other and stopped performing until he was sure everyone in the crowd was safe. Fans wanted to bring attention to how simple it is to look out for fans in the audience and how the audience's safety should be every performer's top priority.

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"Bad Guy" singer Billie knows this all too well, as she recently helped out a fan in the audience of her show before seemingly shading Scott. According to TMZ, the singer was performing a concert in Atlanta, Georgia, when she noticed one of her fans was having trouble breathing. Billie promptly called for security to bring the fan an inhaler so she would be okay while calming the rest of the audience down during the incident. The crowd was getting increasingly restless from waiting when Billie announced, "I wait for people to be okay until I keep going."

The crowd erupted in cheers, and while Billie didn't explicitly call the rapper out, the comment seemed to be more than coincidental. However, some fans are defending Billie, saying that the star has always cared about her fans long before the Astroworld festival. Twitter user bilsvalue responded to a tweet about the incident at Billie's concert by saying, "Her fans' health and safety has always been on her mind from the beginning, so stop spreading false info." A few other fans also responded with videos from Billie's concerts years ago where the star was seen stopping her show to attend to fans in her audience.

Whether Billie's comment was directed towards the rapper or not isn't quite as important as it is for artists to look out for their fans. Months later, the effects of the Astroworld festival have not disappeared, no matter how badly Travis or his Keeping Up With The Kardashians star girlfriend wish they would. Artists need to learn from what happened so they can make sure history does not repeat itself, and it's great to see that at just 20 years old Billie has taken on the responsibility of keeping her fans safe. Hopefully, Billie's kind actions will inspire other artists to stay aware of what's going on off the stage at their next show because everyone going to a concert should be there to have a good time and be promised safety.

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Sources: TMZ, bilsvalue/Twitter

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