Is Happy Scale Free? Read This Before Downloading The App

Happy Scale offers an interesting take on tracking weight loss, but is the popular iPhone app free to use? Losing weight has varying levels of difficulty for everyone. Some folks find it easy, others have an incredibly difficult time with it, and there are people who fall somewhere in the middle. Apps like MyFitnessPal, Lifesum, and Noom have tried making the weight loss process easier, though none of them have solved one of the biggest issues: tracking your weight.

Weight tracking is a basic component of almost every health/fitness app, but how someone tracks their weight can often be intimidating. This is precisely what Happy Scale tries to solve. Rather than showing people their logged weight — including ups and downs with no real explanation — Happy Scale tries to make tracking your weight a more positive experience. It breaks big weight loss goals into smaller increments, helps users celebrate every victory, and reduces the importance of days where there's little or no weight change.

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The idea behind Happy Scale is a great one, and looking at reviews on the App Store, it's something that's worked for a lot of people. But is Happy Scale free? Yes and no. Happy Scale is initially free to download and can be used without spending a dime. Users can log their weight, see basic trends with it, and get the core experience all for free. However, upgrading to Happy Scale's 'Premium Edition' adds a few enticing perks.

One of the main benefits of Happy Scale Premium is its ability to offer deeper insight into your weight loss journey. If someone's trying to lose weight before a wedding or another big event, Happy Scale Premium adds 'trends' that help users "predict when you'll hit your goal weight." Similarly, the addition of 'chart forecasting' lets Premium users see a visual chart of where their weight is predicted to go in the future. And for those times when you want to reflect, users who pay for Happy Scale Premium get weekly and yearly reports that show breakdowns of their past performance.

Another huge benefit of Happy Scale's paid membership is the ability to sync data with other health apps. With the free version of Happy Scale, any activity with the app can't be shared elsewhere. With Happy Scale Premium, users can automatically import existing weight data from Apple Health and add new weight data to Apple Health when logging it in Happy Scale. The Premium version also unlocks Dropbox syncing, allowing users to see their Happy Scale data across multiple devices.

The best part? Happy Scale Premium Edition isn't very expensive. You can sign up for $1.99/month, $11.99/year, or pay $39.99 to get lifetime access. Some folks may be perfectly happy using Happy Scale for free, but if you like the app and want to get more out of it, the Premium Edition could be well worth it.

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