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Ice-T is multitalented. The rapper and songwriter has made a second career out acting. Many fans know him from his role as Fin Tutuola on Law and Order: SVU. Some fans say Fin is one of the most likable characters on SVU. Others know him from his solo rap career and as the frontman of his band Body Count.

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He often appears in documentaries giving his perspective to filmmakers in interviews. However, Ice-T has performed in several movies playing characters. Fans have taken to IMDb to rank the best features Ice-T has acted in.

How We Met is an action-comedy from the late 2010s. It follows Ted Bradley on a date with Marie Walker. When the two get pulled over, an altercation ends with death and the events of the movie unfold.

Ice-T lends his voice to How We Met. He is the narrator. Fans of the movie might say it presents a fun story and that Ice-T's personality comes out as the film's snarky reporter to audiences.

Frezno Smooth is a rambunctious comedy. The movie tells the story of Seth Enslow. He is a motocross rider who heads to a competition despite his being barred from participation. A whirlwind of stunt riding and parties spring up along the way.

Ice-T plays DJ Superfly. Audiences see him encased in shadow promoting the big motocross event. Audiences perhaps say the movie is unique with a cult-like underground quality underscored by its featured cast, the director's cut of which includes Jason "Weeman" Acuña and Ron Jeremy.

Surviving the Game is an action thriller from the mid-90s. It presents a narrative based on "The Most Dangerous Game," the famous short story in which a man is tracked down by a hunter for sport. This version takes place in the Pacific Northwest wilderness.

Ice-T stars as Jack Mason, the subject of the hunt. Fans perhaps say the movie is one of the better adaptations of "The Most Dangerous Game," and that Ice-T presents his ability as a leading man.

Denzel Washington and John Lithgow star in Ricochet. The action-thriller follows Washington's Assistant District Attorney Nick Styles as he attempts to take down a killer, Lithgow's Earl Talbot Blake, who is hell-bent on revenge after Styles locks him up years earlier.

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Ice-T plays Odessa, Styles' childhood friend turned drug dealer. Some fans of Ricochet say it gives John Lithgow one of his best villain roles. Ice-T devotees might note that his supporting role is memorable and that he and Washington show on-screen chemistry.

Trespass tells the story of hidden treasure. Bill Paxton and William Sadler star as Vince Gillian and Don Perry, two firemen who stumble on a lead to booty hidden in an abandoned building. When they investigate, they witness a murder by a local gang and the events of the film unfold.

Ice-T plays King James, leader of the gang. Audiences might say the movie showcases thrilling stunts and neck-break action sequences. Others perhaps say Ice-T shines in his role as the main antagonist.

Before Straight Outta Compton exploded in the mid-2010s, CB4 was released in the early 90s. The satire tells the story of the fictional rap group CB4, parodying N.W.A.'s rise to fame and the subsequent controversies that ensued. Chris Rock stars as Albert Brown, who fakes his "gangster" persona while taking the name of a real criminal, M.C. Gusto, to gain respect.

Fans of CB4 will probably say the movie is a cult classic and a hilarious time capsule. The pseudo-mockumentary features several notable musicians of the time, including Eazy-E, Flavor Flav, and Ice-T. Ice-T plays himself and acts in "interviews" praising the "realness" of CB4 in funny vignettes.

It is hard to argue that New Jack City isn't one of Ice-T's most celebrated movies. The crime thriller follows the story of Wesley Snipes' Nino Brown. Brown is a drug dealer who rises in the ranks as Ice-T's detective Scotty Appleton works to take him down.

Some fans call Nino Brown Wesley Snipes' most iconic role. Others might argue the same goes for Ice-T as Scotty Appleton. Devotees of the movie might say its legacy speaks for itself.

The Other Guys is a buddy-cop comedy starring Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell by director Adam McKay. They play Terry Hoitz and Allen "Gator" Gamble respectively, two detectives who take the place of highly-respected NYPD cops after they die on the job.

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Some fans call The Other Guys one of the best buddy-cop movies. Ice-T plays a small role in the film. He lends his voice as a narrator and he is uncredited. Fans of the movie might say it is a funny and light action flick.

Crossed the Line is a thriller from the early 2010s. The narrative follows Caryn Ward's Kyra. She runs her mother's flower shop. The events of the film unfold after she refuses to help a drug lord run product through the shop.

Ice-T plays Miguel, the film's antagonist. Audiences might say Crossed the Line presents a familiar story with a unique spin, and Ice-T shows his range in his villainous role.

The Ghetto is the highest-rated film in which Ice-T acts on IMDb. It also features some of the fewest ratings in his filmography. The mid-2010s crime thriller deals with the opposition between Ice T's Victor and Scarface's B as they face conflict on the street.

Fans of The Ghetto might say it is a brutal and engaging suspense film. Ice-T fans perhaps say he gives audiences an excellent performance in his role as the film's antagonist.

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