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Netflix's Too Hot To Handle has become a popular show, and fans want to know how long the cast members spend at the retreat. The series has a unique concept and features young contestants who are single and ready to mingle. As most people know, Too Hot To Handle is about participants living together but abstaining from intimacy. Every time someone breaks a rule, the grand prize of $100,000 gets reduced. During season 3, Beaux Raymond and Harry Johnson were the winners.

Too Hot To Handle's latest edition was slightly different due to the prize and the rules. In season 3, the fund's value was doubled, for a grand total of $200,000. Unfortunately, the cast broke multiple rules, and the prize money was reduced dramatically. At one point, it was at zero dollars. The sexy singletons disobeyed the rules in every episode, starting with Izzy Fairthorne and Georgia Hassarati, who had a $3,000 kiss during episode 1. In the next episode, the cast lost a whopping $42,000 due to certain steamy actions. By episode 5, they had lost over $100,000.

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Apart from rule breaks, Too Hot To Handle season 3 is attracting millions of Netflix viewers. One reason is its retreat location, which is the island of Providenciales in Turks and Caicos. Since fans get to watch the entire season on the streaming platform when it's released, some viewers have trouble figuring out how long the retreat actually lasts. According to Blurred Reality, the ten episodes of Too Hot To Handle season 3 were filmed for three to four weeks. However, from the arrival of the cast to the end of the retreat, the entire setup took about a month to complete, for a total production time of four to five weeks.

The producer of the show, Louise Peet, confirmed (via Distractify), "We went to Mexico for a month, and we were filming for about 21 to 25 days in April 2019." The new Too Hot To Handle star Beaux said, "We had to quarantine because of Covid circumstances so I think we were out there for a good five weeks." The director of development Charlie Bennett has talked about why the show doesn't indicate the passage of time. According to him, it is all intentional.

Another factor that impacts the filming schedule is the current COVID-19 pandemic situation. The newer cast has revealed that they go into quarantine after traveling. They may stay in the same villa for some days, but they don't meet each other until filming starts. According to the rumors, they get to spend some quality time together, without cameras, to enjoy the final part of their stints on the island.

After the massive success of season 3, Netflix will likely renew the show. While Too Hot To Handle season 4 isn't confirmed yet, there is no reason to believe that the series won't continue. The last two seasons of Too Hot To Handle are genre-defining and extremely popular. Sadly, this time around, it may take a little longer for the next season to come, and it's all because of the shooting schedule. The crew filmed seasons 2 and 3 back to back, which is why they were only seven months apart. Too Hot To Handle season 4 might be filmed separately, resulting in a delay.

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