Elden Ring Leaker Claims No Bloodborne Projects Are in Development

A notable Elden Ring leaker claims there currently exists no evidence that Sony has Bloodborne projects such as a sequel or PC port in the works. Bloodborne sits atop the list of PS4 exclusives that PlayStation faithful want to see return in some capacity, preferably in the form of a follow-up entry or PS5 upgrade. In addition, God of War's recent Steam and Epic Games Store sparked a rise in requests for a much-coveted Bloodborne release on PC.

Considered among the best of FromSoftware's Souls-universe efforts, Bloodborne launched exclusively for PS4 in early 2015. The action-RPG received widespread acclaim from critics and players alike, quickly securing itself a place as an instant classic. However, the game has begun to show its age in recent years, particularly in terms of performance on the older hardware. Thus, Soulsborne faithful patiently await news of a 60fps patch for PS5. It seems Sony has little to no interest in pursuing such an endeavor, though. Players who own modded PS4s can access an unofficial 60fps patch for the seven-year-old title, but this particular option is far from ideal for most.

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Despite rumors pointing to a potential Bloodborne PC port, credible Elden Ring insider and Omnipotent (via GamingBolt) claims no such project is on the cards. Omnipotent noted as much and more in response to a ResetEra thread, telling FromSoftware fans they've yet to hear rumblings about a Bloodborne patch, remaster, PC port, or PS5 upgrade. The leaker added, "I've never come across anything being done with Bloodborne, even when actively seeking it out, multiple times, over a period of years." In the past, Omnipotent's been privy to details regarding several work-in-progress FromSoftware projects, including the likes of Sekiro: Shadows Die TwiceDéraciné, and Elden Ring. The insider allegedly knows a few things about unannounced titles, too, none of which seem Bloodborne-related.

Notably, this flies in the face of other rumors as well, namely those that insist Demon's Souls remake developer Bluepoint Games has a Bloodborne sequel in production. Neither Sony nor Bluepoint has corroborated as much and there currently exists no evidence to support the claim in question. As Omnipotent mentioned in their ResetEra post, though, never say never.

While Sony remains mum about the future of Bloodborne in interactive entertainment, the spirit of the brand continues to live on elsewhere. Titan Comics will publish the first issue of its all-new Bloodborne comic series on April 13 for Free Comic Book Day. The #1 will act as a lead-in for the full series, whose second issue should become available digitally and at retail in May. The beloved IP has received other comic adaptations in the past, too, with the limited series The Death of Sleep.

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Bloodborne is available to play on PS4.

Source: Omnipotent/ResetEra (via GamingBolt)

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