Does The iPad Air Have Face ID? Apple Tablet Security Explained

Apple replaced Touch ID with Face ID in its smartphone lineup with iPhone X, but the company hasn't transitioned all its iPad models to the new biometric authentication method. As of February 2022, some of its tablets still offer Touch ID, while others offer facial identification like the newer iPhones.

Apple remains the undisputed leader in the tablet market, with iPads outselling their Android counterparts by a wide margin. The popularity of Apple's tablets can be attributed to their stellar features, great hardware, and in general, a more optimized large-screen experience than Android tablets. They also offer biometric security, although not every iPad model offers the same options.

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The fourth-generation iPad Air was released in 2020 with Touch ID integrated into the power button. The device does not come with Face ID, which was a disappointment for many buyers. In contrast, the iPad Pro models have been offering Face ID since the 3rd-generation model, and the latest versions are no exception. The difference in biometric authentication hardware is one of the key differences between Apple's iPad Pro and iPad Air lineups. Apple's vanilla iPads also lack face ID, which means the standard iPad 9 ships only with Touch ID, with the fingerprint scanner hidden in the Home button.

As things stand now, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th-generation iPad Pros come with Face ID, while the iPad Air continues to lack the feature. Unfortunately for future iPad Air buyers, Apple is reportedly all set to continue that policy with the next-gen iPad Air. The 5th-generation iPad Air is expected to debut later this year, but if rumors are anything to go by, it will still not offer Face ID unlike its 'Pro' counterparts. It is sure to be a massive disappointment for many, but it is a policy that has yielded great dividends from Apple, and the company is unlikely to change it any time soon.

Talking about the next-gen iPad Air, reports suggest that it is unlikely to see too many cosmetic changes, although under the hood, it will ship with Apple's A15 Bionic processor, which powers the iPhone 13 lineup. It is also said to sporta 12-megapixel ultra-wide front camera, while select models will also reportedly offer 5G connectivity. The device is rumored to be announced at the company's upcoming spring event, which is slated to take place in March or April 2022. Alongside the new iPad Air, Apple is also tipped to launch a new iPhone SE with 5G connectivity at the same event.

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