Disenchantment Part 4's Elfo Changes Have Made Him Too Unlikable

Elfo, once a fan favorite of Disenchantment, has changed to become far more unlikable to many viewers in Part 4. Elfo has played a big role in Bean's journey so far, and Part 4 was no different. As groups like the Trøgs and evil puppets try to overthrow Dreamland, the main trio of Bean, Elfo, and Luci make futile attempts to keep the kingdom safe. This is difficult against their scores of enemies, especially as Bean grapples with internal crises. Elfo was thrust into the middle of the chaos as the heroine Bean faces off against her own mother, and even an evil version of herself, leading to Part 4's intriguing ending.

When Elfo was first introduced in Disenchantment, he was an adorable adventurer excited to explore the world. His naivety and complacency made him impossible to hate, and endearing to viewers. Elfo was constantly the butt of jokes and insults (especially from Luci), but would carry on with a cheery demeanor. The most appealing aspect of Elfo's character was his loyalty, and the sacrifices he was willing to take for his friends.

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However, as the seasons of Disenchantment have gone on, Elfo's persona has changed drastically. By the time Part 4 (which received mixed reviews) was released, the character audiences initially grew fond of has become almost entirely different. As he spends more time with the belligerent characters of Dreamland, his own traits seem to shift, leading to him making inappropriate and cruel remarks, and having seemingly no remorse for wrongdoings.  His loyalty also seems to be waning, no longer the friend Bean and Luci once knew. Elfo is almost unrecognizable to the character that wandered aimlessly into adventure in Part 1.

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Once overtly selfless, even willing to sacrifice himself for his friends, Elfo's morality has disappeared. Once never concerned with material things, it seems the greed of Dreamland has rubbed off on Elfo. When visiting the underwater sea kingdom of the unsettling amphibious Trøgs, King Zøg begins to steal from the creatures. Elfo supports this, even stuffing rubies down his shirt. He ignores the objections of Bean, when he would once hang on to her every word. His relationship with Luci has changed as well, constantly bickering back and forth with the demon when he used to let insults slide over his head.

Elfo's concerns seem to have shifted to his own wellbeing, serving as a triple agent for humans, elves, and Trøgs throughout Part 4. When is finally forced to come to the aid of his friends, he complains constantly. Additionally, his once innocent infatuation with Bean has shifted. His comments towards her, and many others in the show, have become far more inappropriate. Voiced by the hilarious voice actor Nat Faxon, Elfo has lost so much of what made him so fun to love for many in the first few seasons of Disenchantment.

As most characters have gone through transformations during the Disenchantment run, it makes sense that Elfo would as well. However, as most characters have become more likable or well-rounded (Luci and Zøg), the show has moved in a decidedly different direction with Elfo, which has potentially alienated those who liked the character. This said, Disenchantment Part 5 could reveal this to be part of a larger character development arc, which could serve to redeem these more unlikeable developments Elfo has been going through.

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