Destiny 2: How To Get The Osmiomancy Gloves (Warlock Exotic)

The Witch Queen expansion for Destiny 2 is finally here, and there are tons of new exotic weapons and armor to discover, including the Osmiomancy Gloves. Warlocks, Hunters, and Titans each have two brand new exotic pieces of armor to find, and they seem to be some of the best exotic armor pieces ever for each class in Destiny 2. Warlocks specifically have 2 great new exotics to choose from; the 'Secant Filaments' exotic boots and the 'Osmiomancy' exotic gloves are quickly becoming Warlock favorites due to how powerful they are. Fans of exotic gloves like 'Nothing Manicles', 'Controverse Holds', and 'Sunbreakers' are sure to keep a pair of Osmiomancy gloves handy.

The exotic perk description for Osmiomancy gloves reads, "Players Coldsnap grenades have an additional charge that recharges quicker on direct impact. The seeker spawned from Coldsnap grenades travels further." Like the Solar and Void subclasses before it, Warlocks Shadebinder stasis subclass officially has a pair of gloves that makes its grenades even more overpowered. When combined with the right stasis aspects in Destiny 2, the cold snap grenades paired with Osmiomancy gloves can provide Warlocks with near-infinite freezing capabilities. While the stasis grenade turret still remains a great tool to freeze enemies constantly over a long period of time, the same thing can be achieved with these upgraded cold snap grenades but with the added ability to instantly freeze enemies rather than wait.

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The Osmiomancy gloves are also a great choice for PvP players. The ability to have 2 upgraded Coldsnap grenades at hand allows Warlocks to instantly freeze other players and even get their grenades back on direct impact. Warlocks have been limited in their ability to freeze players ever since stasis was nerfed in season 14 of Destiny 2, but the Osmiomancy gloves return Coldsnap grenades to their former glory.

Acquiring these gloves will take a fair amount of grind in this season of Destiny 2. The quickest way to get the Osmiomnacy is to clear all Witch Queen's campaign missions on Legendary difficulty as a Warlock. This is no easy feat, but after beating the legendary campaign, players will be given 1520 power leveled gear and the choice to acquire one of the two new exotic armor pieces for each class, Omiomancy gloves included. The other exotic that is not chosen, like most new exotic armor pieces added to the game, will only be able to be acquired from a solo Legend or Master Lost Sector. Players who don't clear the legendary campaign will have to clear one of those Lost Sectors for a chance to get the gloves.

The Osmiomancy gloves are sure to become part of a Warlocks daily rotation of exotics when playing with its stasis subclass. The ability to carry 2 grenades has always been extremely useful in Destiny 2, but the ability to carry 2 grenades that can instantly spread and freeze targets both before and after their death is useful in almost every situation the game has to offer. in terms of Warlock exotics, the Osmiomancy gloves are an absolute must-have.

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Destiny 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

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