Centaurworld: The Nowhere King's Death Was Surprisingly Emotional

The Nowhere King proved to be a terrifying and menacing villain for the characters of Centaurworld, and yet his death was surprisingly heartfelt and emotional. Centaurworld, one of the best-animated TV Shows of 2021, was released in two parts last year to a fantastic critical response, receiving a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes. This success could be due to the incredible similarities it shares with the likes of Adventure Time, being an American animated musical/comedy series, full of unusual characters, trippy animations, and ludicrous songs. There are also noticeable similarities between The Lich and The Nowhere King in Centaurworld, from their black, oozy form to their goals of escaping their prisons to overrun the world. Both seasons of Cenataurworld were released on Netflix in 2021, and it appears that the second may have been its last - with the death of the primary antagonist, The Nowhere King.

Centaurworld follows the protagonist of The Horse for the entirety of the show, as they struggle to find their Rider and in turn, save two distant realms from the threat of The Nowhere King. Both seasons of the show demonstrate The Nowhere King's imposing threat as the main characters are forced into a duel in "the realm between", where The King has been stuck for years. In the final episode of season 2, the hero, Horse, is trapped inside The Nowhere King's mind and presumed dead. However, Horse goes on a journey of discovery, exploring the origin of a Moosetaur (that is half Moose and half man) who fell in love with a character called The Woman. The sorrow of feeling not good enough for The Woman - and the eventual separating of his soul - leads to the transformation of the Nowhere King - a beast of pure darkness seeking revenge on the land of Centaurworld.

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Again this is where clear comparisons can be drawn between this show and Adventure Time, both exploring distant fantasy lands and complex characters - even villains. The Nowhere King was a terrifying animated villain, especially for children, and yet by giving this character a sudden and genuinely sympathetic backstory in the final moments of the show, clarity as to his motivations was provided and more importantly created a surprisingly emotional end to the villain. His death suddenly had a purpose in his personal arc, too, as he sought forgiveness for the terror he rained upon the land.

It is unfortunate this compelling antagonist met his end so soon. However, at the end of the first season, he suffered a similar fate, only to escape to a different world and reform an army there. This army and his subsequent invasion fuelled the main plot of Centaurworld season 2, released in December 2021 on Netflix. If Centaurworld was to receive a third season, it is entirely possible that the Nowhere King could make a third return - although it seems unlikely to occur, as it could cheapen the sense of loss viewers felt at the end of season 2, with The Woman admitting her love for the Moosetaur and his transfiguration back to this form before the villain's death. This emotional connection with the final few scenes provides a sense of completion to a series that may have reached its final season too soon.

Centaurworld offered an emotional ending for the Nowhere King, which serves as a fitting conclusion to the series on Netflix. Whilst many of the main characters still have stories to tell, the plot has rounded off with the terrifying villain - a manifestation of pure hatred - remembering his past and how he became the Nowhere King before embracing his demise, revealing the real face behind the otherwise typically evil character.

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