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Breath of the Wild equips Link with dozens of weapons and abilities to defeat his enemies, but some players have become more creative with their attacks and strategies. There are many creative ways to attack enemies and bosses in BOTW, but several tactics require significant preparation and practice. Additionally, players can use many Breath of the Wild features in combination with Link’s combat prowess during encounters.

Breath of the Wild provides players with a Sheikah Slate, melee weapons, shields, and bows with various abilities to use in combat. As Link awakens from his century-long slumber, he explores unfamiliar territories and steadily collects weapons to battle Ganon and his legions. After defeating the Divine Beasts and reclaiming his weapons, Link makes his way to Hyrule Castle to defeat Calamity Ganon and free the princess. Though the game's objectives are fairly straightforward, players often find other activities to occupy themselves with.

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While players can use many trick shots and attack combos in Breath of the Wild, a few stand above the rest. Many high-profile content creators attempt impressive feats on their YouTube channels and livestreams, but many other players have posted their trick shots and combat combos too. Of course, it’s impossible to acknowledge every impressive strategy and move from every BOTW player. Still, the wide variety of attacks and enemies available resulted in hundreds of remarkable trick shots and attack combos from many players.

Timing is the key to accomplishing many trick shots and attack combos in Breath of the Wild, as the game’s physics rewards players with momentum and attack opportunities. ゼルダねこcombines several helpful mechanics to defeat two enemies in a single combat maneuver, using the explosive aftermath of killing a Bokoblin to propel themselves into the air for over a thousand meters. While flying through the air, ゼルダねこ aims down sights and fires several of Breath of the Wild's ancient arrows into the sky. The rest of the video features passive observation, with Link gliding the rest of the distance and witnessing a Guardian’s destruction in the Hyrule plains. The precision and timing needed for this maneuver likely required hours of practice, making it one of the most impressive utilization of BOTW’s mechanics on the internet.

This video shows Peco, a masterfully skilled Breath of the Wild player, defeating a golden Lynel using a combination of flurry attacks, Sheikah Slate abilities, explosive arrows, the Champions’ blessings, and various swords and shields to claim victory in three minutes. As a golden enemy, the Lynel has more health and deals more damage than normal variants, making it one of the deadliest challenges in Breath of the Wild. Immediately after approaching, they plunge into action and begin staggering the Lynel with two-handed weapons and arrow shots.

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The Sheikah Slate’s remote bombs are also used to deal additional damage and knock the monster back. Perfectly timed flurry attacks allow players to deal immense damage while slowing time around them, and the Champions’ various abilities help Link resist damage, gain altitude, and resurrect. Peco also frequently changes weapons and arrow types, showing a mastery of BOTW’s systems by understanding which weapons can stagger the Lynel and which deal the most damage.

Though the clip above is brief and doesn’t utilize too many weapons or abilities, Zeighar proves that Link doesn’t need wild attack combos to pull off impressive moves. After engaging a Guardian in combat, Zeighar uses the Cryonis Rune on Breath of the Wild's Shiekah Slate to elevate their opponent and themselves. The initial pillar catapults the Guardian into the sky, while the second pillar provides Link an elevated position to shoot from. Then, Link fires a single shot using an explosive arrow before the Guardian touches the ground and hits the robotic enemy in the eye, killing it in a single blow. Guardians are some of BOTW’s most dangerous enemies and send many players scrambling for cover, but this impressive display showcases smooth movements and mastery over BOTW’s gameplay mechanics, making it one of the most remarkable trick shots out there.

Guardians in Breath of the Wild are often regarded as some of the most powerful or difficult enemies to defeat due to the massive damage they inflict with their cannons. As a result, many trick-shotters choose these enemies as their targets. In the first clip of the montage, Link leaps off a high platform and glides for several seconds before shooting several ancient arrows towards a Shrine in the distance. This trick may not seem impressive at first, but viewers likely can’t see the Guardian until the arrows begin to hit. Though the Guardian remains stationary, its demise is swift and precise enough that player Lgnd of Berry doesn’t enter combat before it’s in pieces. Since BOTW spawns are mostly static, this may seem less impressive, but a shot from this distance requires repeated practice, impressive precision, and skill.

The video above highlights the process of user DougDoug using an impressive (and creative) attack against one of Breath of the Wild’s Lynels. Whereas many trick shots or attack combos only involve Link, Doug Doug employs the deadly chickens from Kakariko Village in Breath of the Wild. If players strike a chicken four times, it summons an army of chickens that launch a flurry of attacks and deal severe damage. However, if players are patient enough to take a chicken to a boss encounter and whittle down their opponent’s health, Link can initiate a chicken attack to destroy even BOTW’s most deadly enemies. Unfortunately, many factors of this attack combo require several conditions to be executed, making this accomplishment one of the most impressive on this list.

Breath of the Wild's open world gives players immense freedom while exploring and battling enemies, encouraging creative solutions in every situation. Many players ensure Link isn’t spotted, while others utilize hidden mechanics or Easter eggs present throughout the game to break encounters or explore new strategies. Nintendo’s foresight to include infinite solutions to simple puzzles continuously expands the game’s lifespan and results in some of the fantastic tricks players accomplished above. With luck, the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild can continue this trend when it releases in 2022.

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