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This season on The Bachelor, Shanae Ankney wormed her way into Clayton Echard’s heart, but the women weren’t quite as impressed, and after a pattern of bad behavior was cemented, Sierra Jackson labeled Shanae a "Karen." Shanae quickly garnered a reputation for stirring the pot and playing the victim. Amazingly, when it was time to discuss her behavior with Clayton, he took her side every time. Sadly, Clayton appears blind to her flaws, to the dismay of everyone, including the audience.

Early on, Shanae targeted Elizabeth Corrigan as her Bachelor Nation nemesis because Elizabeth took the initiative by sitting next to Clayton on a group date. Shanae proceeded to mock Elizabeth’s ADHD, and then came shrimp-gate. Elizabeth tried to make peace by offering Shanae some of her garlic butter shrimp. Shanae took advantage of the opportunity and grabbed almost all the shrimp. When she decided her eyes were bigger than her stomach, she went over to the hot tub to offer the remaining food to her housemates but got no response. Shanae told Clayton that the women ignored her, and she believed it was because Elizabeth was in the hot tub and that when she wasn’t around, the women treated her better.

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Every time a conflict arose, Shanae found a way to twist it in her favor. If shrimp-gate proved anything, it’s that Shanae’s motives usually prioritize getting her own way. As she continued to spin rumors about Elizabeth and blame her for fostering a culture of bullying, the women grew exhausted by Shanae, and Elizabeth was sent home. Sierra decided that enough was enough and that it was time to discuss Shanae’s "Karen" antics with Clayton, in a group setting. Sierra told him, “when you decided to keep Shanae, a lot of the women in the house were shocked. And it is because based off the character that we know you to be, we believe that if you knew the whole story, you wouldn’t want somebody like that to be your wife.” The Bachelor's Clayton has since issued apologies for not believing Elizabeth or Sierra.


While the women talked about her, Shanae went the extra mile by cupping her hand to the wall to eavesdrop. After literally celebrating manipulating Clayton with fake tears the previous week, Shanae showed up uninvited to a cocktail party, made out with Clayton, and then threw the winner's trophy in the bushes. Society frequently describes Karens as white women who see themselves as victims at all times, while also displaying inflated senses of entitlement. Eva Peron explained on Urban Dictionary that when a Karen doesn’t get her way, “she becomes a ruthless, manipulative, narcissistic cretin” who “becomes highly offended by her needs not being met.” That commenter continued by saying that if playing the victim fails, “the Karen becomes unpredictable and is prone to taking drastic measures in order to get her way.”  Shanae will stop at nothing to win over Clayton.

Unfortunately, despite the women’s best efforts to lead Clayton away from Shanae, the promos show her making it to the final episodes. When Clayton was shocked while watching the show, Sierra couldn’t help but throw out a “we told you so" via Twitter. Elizabeth's hinted that she will reveal some insights about Shanae during the Women Tell All episode. While viewers and the cast don’t have much love for Shanae, there must be some unexplained reasons for her outlandish behavior. Hopefully, Clayton eventually comes to his senses, but if not, The Bachelor season 26 will truly end as the Shanae show.

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Source: Eva Peron/Urban Dictionary

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