Arkham Knight's Batman Beyond Costume Overcomplicates A DCAU Classic

Batman: Arkham Knight provided players with a myriad of unique, highly detailed Batsuits to use, but its version of the suit seen in Batman Beyond falls way short of the DCAU original. Arkham Knight, like other entries in the Arkham series, offers players the opportunity to put Bruce Wayne into different versions of the Batman costume. However, Terry McGinnis’s costume from Batman Beyond looks substantially different on Bruce in the video game, turning what was one of the Caped Crusader's best suits into one of the ugliest costumes in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Batman Beyond takes place in a future Gotham in which Bruce has reached his 70s and is training the teenager Terry to replace him. This period of Batman explores dark areas similar to the ones the Arkham series dwells in: Bruce has grown isolated and frustrated with age, and Gotham is still in the hands of criminals. The Batsuit of Batman Beyond captures this perfectly: it is a sleek and simple black costume with a red bat logo and white eyes. The Batsuit of Batman Beyond almost looks as if it has no armor but has instead opted to remain light to keep Terry quick and nimble.

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Although the Batman Beyond suit was adapted somewhat faithfully in Batman: Arkham CityBatman: Arkham Knight features a completely new redesign. Like Batman: Arkham Knight's pointless change to Robin, the Batman Beyond skin takes the original sleek design and adapts it to the game’s modern aesthetic. Consequently, the suit becomes bulkier than the default costume by adding heavy layers of armor all over it, and it also becomes a charcoal gray that looks nothing like the pitch-black fabric from Batman Beyond. While the attempt to modernize the design in this way may have seemed an attractive idea for designers at first, the end result overcomplicates the design seen in the DCAU and contradicts its futuristic elements of Batman Beyond.

Arkham Knight's Batman Beyond costume may not have aged as poorly as Batman: Arkham's other character designs, but its realistic approach feels antithetical to the source material. The costume from Batman Beyond, as awesome as it is, looks more cartoonish than other skins, so it's understandable as to why the design in Arkham Knight looks more in keeping with the Arkhamverse's aesthetic. Additionally, the pitch-black color makes it harder to see than Batman’s other costumes, which have capes that are slightly worn that make them look lighter. Even so, there could've been a middle ground between the cartoony look seen in Arkham City and the more realistic approach Arkham Knight adopted.

In any case, the realistic Batman Beyond suit in Arkham Knight could provide a hint of foreshadowing. A Batman Beyond-style sequel to Batman: Arkham Knight starring Damian Wayne was at one point in the works at WB Games MontrĂ©al, and this could've been a way of teasing a prototype version of the costume that may have been refined in a follow-up. That doesn't stop the suit from Batman: Arkham Knight from feeling overdesigned, however. Batman Beyond was sleek and futuristic, and the costume from Rocksteady's 2015 game overcomplicates it needlessly.

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