90 Day Fiancé: Varya Gets New Hair Makeover After Geoffrey’s Sentence

Varya Malina from 90 Day Fiancé flaunts her new shorter hair after her on-screen fiancé Geoffrey Paschel got sentenced to 18 years in prison. The Knoxville native was accused of assaulting and kidnapping his ex-lover in June 2019. While Geoffrey denied all the charges against him and claimed he was innocent, the jury found him guilty in October 2021. He was finally sentenced to prison time without parole on February 3, 2022. While the 44-year-old reality star is incarcerated, Varya is taking care of his home and pets.

The Russian native has also become a landlady for Geoffrey's different rental properties. While Varya is seeing to every responsibility flawlessly and loves living in the United States, she does feel lonely from time to time. A few months ago, she broke into tears because she missed hugs from her family, who is back in Russia. Varya shared her raw moment with 90 Day Fiancé viewers and talked about how tough her first year has been in America. She is now ready to pamper herself.

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After being stressed for a few days after Geoffrey's prison sentencing, Varya is back in her element. She is now taking care of her hair. The 33-year-old reality star explained she first decided to color her hair platinum blonde, but her hairstylist didn't agree with her request. Varya is thankful to the stylist who gave her a long bob and added blonde highlights. The 90 Day Fiancé cast member showed off her new short hair in her Instagram Stories. Check out how stunning Varya looks in her fresh cut.

90 Day Fiancé viewers are glad to see Varya get a new hairdo. One follower told her to get a platinum blonde wig if she couldn't color her hair. Another commented, "We've all been there... when our hair stylist has to be the voice of reason." Someone else wrote, "Blue eyes need a contrast - dark hair ... then they stand out more." Others said that Varya looks great in her natural black and brown hair color, and she shouldn't change it.

Although Varya didn't drastically alter her natural hair color, she looks quite different from her appearance on the show. She is looking younger and chic with her new short hair. Still, it would be interesting if Varya could get a platinum blonde wig to show her 308K Instagram followers how light hair colors look on her. That might make it a little easier to determine if it's a hairstyle worth trying out in a more permanent way in the future. However, overall, 90 Day Fiancé viewers are impressed with Varya's new hair makeover and seem to think she made the right call.

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Source: Varya Malina/Instagram

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