90 Day Fiancé: Jasmine Reveals She Was Fired From Job Due To Gino's Ex

Jasmine Pineda’s troubles with Gino Palazzolo’s ex haven’t ended yet as the Panamanian 90 Day Fiancé star revealed that she was fired from her job due to the private pictures. Jasmine confronted Gino about his sugar baby ex sending her a DM in 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days episode 9. Gino refused to admit that he had sent Jasmine’s unclothed photos, only to later admit that he did it to tell his ex, “Look how hot my girlfriend is!” But Jasmine’s trust and heart were broken, leading to her having an explosive fight with Gino on TV. Off-screen, Gino’s ex, who identifies as Linzee, has been sharing all the screenshots between her, Gino and Jasmine with bloggers and, allegedly, also with Jasmine’s teaching job, though she’s denying it.

While the footage of the fight between Gino and Jasmine will officially make its way to episode 10 of 90 Day Fiancé, early birds caught it in a differently edited version of episode 9 on Discovery+. In it, Jasmine shouts that she’ll be suing Gino, but he claims that they weren’t “nudes” because they were pictures of Jasmine’s breasts. To embarrass Gino, Jasmine tore Gino’s hat off to reveal his bald head, and soon the argument got so heated that producers had to intervene, which rarely happens on 90 Day Fiancé. However, there’s more drama unfolding months after Gino and Jasmine got done filming for the TLC show. Gino’s ex seems to have apparently shared Jasmine’s topless photos with several online sources and with Jasmine’s employer in Panama.

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Since the airing of her latest 90 Day Fiancé episode, Jasmine has been posting cryptic Instagram Stories, including one in which she wrote, “I’m at the lowest in my life. I feel like today I just can’t anymore.” Jasmine also finally explained what’s wrong by sharing a long statement that read, “This is [the] situation: Gino’s ex has sent my private pictures to bloggers. Pictures that have been used to create stories and multiple videos. She sent them to my job which I lost as well.” Jasmine added, “At this moment I just want to literally die. I have no words to describe the lowest point I’m in my life right now.” According to Jasmine, she feels “less than trash” and all she does is cry. “I just can’t no more. No one deserves this. I’m trying my best but I feel like I just can’t,” Jasmine confessed.

Reality TV star Jasmine is going on an Instagram break for a few days. She thanked her followers for their kind words and wrote, “I’ll be ok surrounded by the love of my sons and my mother.” Jasmine conveyed that her mother also wants to say thank you to her supporters, adding, “No mother wants to see her child suffering,” said Jasmine. Meanwhile, on her own Instagram page, Linzee asserted, “A certain someone out here claiming I sent their pics to their work to get them fired…When I have no clue where they work (if they even do).” Linzee addressed more claims supposedly made by Jasmine when she sarcastically wrote, “I also ‘bullied her child’ cuz that’s what I do is bully little kids.” Furthermore, Linzee called Gino “a creep” as she blamed him and Jasmine for making up things to “hide that fact.” Linzee called out Jasmine by adding, “I’ll be anxiously waiting for these ‘legal proceedings’ from Panama.”

Strangely, Jasmine had accused Gino’s ex of harassing her in a series of Instagram Stories in December 2021. Back then, Gino sending Jasmine’s private photos was something that was teased in the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off's trailer. Jasmine blamed Gino’s ex for using her as a trampoline to get people to buy her adult films. Regardless, Gino is the one who created the mess by sending his ex the risqué photos in the first place. Fans are curious to know if Jasmine is still together with Gino after all of this.

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Sources: Jasmine Pineda/Instagram, Linzee Ryder/Instagram

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