8 Masked Singer Contestants Incorrectly Guessed As Jamie Foxx

The Masked Singer panelists may have a fun job, but it certainly isn't an easy one. Having to guess celebrities based off their singing voice and a few clues is not an easy ask, and they are forced to make guesses after every performance. Names such as Joel McHale, Adam Lambert, Bjork, and AJ McClean seemingly pop up every season, but one name stands out above the rest.

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Legendary actor and singer Jamie Foxx is infamous among viewers for basically being a part of the show without actually appearing on it (besides the one episode in which he was a guest panelist). The panelists have consistently guessed him without ever once being correct, but they remained committed to him. It definitely is a bit of a compliment to the singers though, as the panelists do hold Foxx in high regard and only guess him when it is a gorgeous voice.

As the winner of the inaugural season of the US version of the show, Monster is known as one of the best singers to ever grace the stage, as well as being one of the most famous celebrity contestants. T-Pain was the voice behind the mask, with Robin making his final guess Jamie Foxx.

Robin can get a bit of a pass for this one, as T-Pain usually sings behind a layer of autotune in his music. Hearing him without that proved to the audience that he is still a powerful vocalist, like Foxx, even without it.

The judges fell hard for the bait, guessing Jamie Foxx as being in the fox costume, which is also one of the best costume designs in The Masked Singer history. That would probably have been far too obvious and ruined the surprise, but both Ken and Jenny locked in their guesses as Jamie anyway. Both Nicole and Robin made the correct guess of Wayne Brady.

Fox, like Monster, was the winner of his season, making this the second season in a row where the winner was speculated to be Jamie Foxx. It really is an accomplishment to be assumed to be Foxx, so those incorrectly guessed should have hope of making a deep run into the competition.

While Leopard did not feature a final guess of Jamie, some speculation earlier on centered around him as the disguised celebrity. Leopard's first performance was performed in a higher pitch, one that many male singers could not reach, but Jamie is known for reaching. Unfortunately for those who guessed him though, it was not him.

Leopard ended up being renowned vocalist Seal, with both Nicole and Robin correctly guessing him. Seal came in fourth, showing that guessing Foxx is more of a panelist cliché meaning the contestant is a talented male voice.

Mr. TV was a celebrity guest panelist for the episode, performing a quick musical number before joining the other panelists in watching the rest of the contestants. The panelists must have memories that fade quickly, as they unanimously guessed Foxx as being the man behind Mr. TV.  Instead, former winner Wayne Brady revealed himself.

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This was the second time they mistook Brady's voice for Foxx. While they both do sound a bit similar, it is still surprising that the panelists made the same exact misread twice.

None of the panelists final guesses were Mr. Foxx, but he did come up earlier on during their initial guesses. Similarly to Leopard, Mushroom also did his opening performance in a higher pitched voice. He was even originally guessed as being a woman, also like Leopard. The reveal showed that it was neither a woman nor Jamie.

It instead turned out singer Aloe Blacc was behind the mask, revealed after what is known as one of the most unfair eliminations in show history. 'Shroom came in second, furthering the point that panelists only guess Foxx when it is a talented vocalist.

One of the hardest names to guess in the show's history, Serpent led to a wide array of names thrown out by the panelists. It's practically a scientific law of the show that with the more names mentioned, the odds of a Jamie Foxx reference goes up exponentially. Obviously, his name ended up coming up for Serpent.

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Instead, it ended up being COVID superstar and amateur vocalist Dr. Elvis Francois. Francois rose to prominence at the onset of the COVID pandemic with his soothing singing videos in a hospital. Somehow, Nicole correctly guessed him, being the only one to even come close. Despite not winning the season, being compared to singer as successful as Jamie Foxx must have been a nice consolation for Francois.

Both Robin and Nicole incorrectly guessed Jamie for Cluedle-Doo, a surprise performer who acted as a clue giver earlier in the season. Both Ken and guest panelist Darius Rucker guessed Kevin James, so this was quite the divisive performer. Not a single judge got the identity of Cluedle-Doo correct after his lone performance, but one probably should have.

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In possibly the funniest moment in The Masked Singer history, Cluedle-Doo was revealed as Donnie Wahlberg. Donnie is the wife of Jenny, and even she couldn't tell, guessing Akon. That may have stolen the spotlight from yet another incorrect Jamie Foxx guess, but the diehard fans never forget.

Another mention of Foxx in season 5, Jenny guessed him to be the voice behind the Robopine as both her initial and final guesses. It was yet another misfire for her, as famous musician Tyrese Gibson was the correct voice. Both Nicole and guest panelist Chrissy Mertz nailed it.

Gibson was a rather big singer in the 90's, so it isn't difficult to see why Jenny would guess a singer as talented as Jamie for him.

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