10 Things Daryl Needs To Resolve Before The End Of The Walking Dead

Norman Reedus's Daryl Dixon has been a fan-favorite character on AMC's The Walking Dead for 1 seasons. Despite playing only a supporting role in the early days of the show, he has become synonymous with the brand, earning a larger fan base than any other character that has ever featured on the iconic zombie series.

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With the popular post-apocalyptic television drama ending this year, Daryl remains one of many characters who will see several ongoing plot threads resolved over the next several episodes. However, if he is to have a satisfying conclusion in this series, there are several things he must do before the finale.

Ever since his introduction on the show, Daryl Dixon has been considered a "lone wolf." Though he allies himself with the members of Rick's group and is quite protective of them, there has always been an understanding that, in terms of survival, they need him more than he needs them. In the past, the character has even wandered off on his own for a time, surviving all alone.

While being a lone wolf may be Daryl's default setting, he will have to choose whether he'll remain alone or settle down with the group before the series ends. Having kept to himself more often in the wake of Rick's disappearance, Daryl must decide once and for all where he belongs in this post-apocalyptic landscape.

TWD has no qualms about killing off fan-favorite characters, cultivating a tenuous sense about the show in which no one is safe. While losing cast members is always difficult for the viewers, the pain applies tenfold to the characters that outlive their companions.

Having been on the series since its very first season, Daryl is among those who have lost the most people throughout the series. From his brother Merle to Beth Greene, Daryl has suffered the loss of almost everyone he has ever traveled with. As the series approaches the finale, the surviving Dixon brother must not fail to pay tribute to the many who laid down their lives along his journey.

Negan taking a second victim and killing Glenn was one of the most unexpected twists in The Walking Dead, and one brought about by Daryl's own ill-conceived actions. The writers did not mince words in confirming Daryl's guilt over Glenn's death, outright confirming in-series that the fan-favorite character would still be alive had Daryl not physically attacked Negan, and Daryl knows it.

Ever since Glenn's death, Daryl has carried the guilt of his passing on his own shoulders. Now that he has reunited with Maggie, however, Daryl has a chance to make up for what he cost her in whatever small ways he can, perhaps by supporting her in raising her son Hershel.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan entered the series in a major way, brutally killing off both Abraham Ford and Glenn Rhee. After two seasons of Negan-induced suffering, Rick, Daryl, and the group finally put an end to the post-apocalyptic dictator's rule of terror, imprisoning him in Alexandria for almost a decade.

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It is understandable that those present during Negan's murders would hold a grudge against him. Even so, the community's hatred toward him has often worked to their detriment, creating a major blind spot for Daryl and his friends. In order to muster the strength to defeat the threat of the Commonwealth, Daryl will have to learn to get along with Negan, even if it is only to the point where he is willing to hear the silver-tongued murderer's surprisingly slick plans.

Judith Grimes has become an integral part of the series since the departure of her father Rick. Now, with her de facto mother figure, Michonne, absent as well, Daryl is the closest thing that Judith and her brother have to family. As such, Daryl made a promise to Judith that he would always be there for her, and that he wasn't going anywhere.

While fans certainly don't want to see a separation between Daryl and Judith, their parting ways seems inevitable given the announcement of a soon-coming spinoff centered around Daryl and Carol. As such, the writers must find a justifiable reason for Daryl to break his promise to Judith, perhaps in the form of a clue as to the whereabouts of her father.

Audiences were shocked when Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes survived the explosion that had seemingly ended his life, only to be whisked away by a mysterious helicopter at the end of his final episode. While fans know of Rick's survival, the characters in the series are less sure, with Daryl spending years searching for his friend's body, with no success.

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In order to bring Daryl's story to a satisfying conclusion, he must come across some kind of clue as to Rick's fate. The two characters were far too close during their time together for Daryl to give up on finding him. Perhaps Daryl's continued hunt for his missing friend could serve as the plot behind the character's upcoming spinoff show.

TWD's ninth season saw plenty of new blood added to the cast, including Connie, the series's first deaf character, played by actress Lauren Ridloff, of Eternals fame, alongside several other great roles. Though Daryl has never come out and said it, fans have noticed his underlying romantic feelings toward Connie, which may have reignited after learning of her survival in the collapsed mine.

Daryl must achieve some kind of closure in this relationship before the end of the series. His and Connie's budding feelings for one another have been carefully and painstakingly laid out by the series's writers, and their storyline deserves an ending, even if it must be a tragic one.

Despite his status as a fan-favorite character over the show's 11 seasons, Daryl has not had a single concrete love interest until late in Season 10. After meeting the mysterious Leah alone in the woods, Daryl began his very first relationship ever on the series, which recently seemed to come to an end in one of the best episodes of The Walking Dead's Season 11 so far.

Though it would seem that Daryl is no longer interested in a relationship with Leah, there are still plenty of loose ends that he must be responsible for tying up as the show comes to a close. Leah still may have the support of the deceased Pope's army, which could very well set its sights on Daryl's community in the near future. It may be up to Daryl to end Leah's threat for good.

Daryl and Carol are two of The Walking Dead's best characters, and have been best friends for years. However, following Carol's emotional descent over the last several seasons, the two have drifted apart, leading to an eventual falling out that left the two no longer on speaking terms.

Though Daryl's reasons for being indignant with Carol are justified, the two make far too strong a team to allow them to remain distanced from each other. If they and their group are ever to stand a chance against the oncoming threats facing them, Daryl and Carol must join forces once more.

Daryl Dixon has never been nor ever wanted to be the leader of any group. If he can't be the loyal right-hand man of the group's leader, then Daryl prefers to go it alone. However, over the course of the series, he has proven time and time again that he has exactly what it takes to be a leader in this new world, if only he accepted the responsibility.

With a dwindling episode count left, Daryl must finally set aside his qualms and decide if he is the man that will lead Alexandria to victory. There are several forces mounting threats against his people, and in the wake of Rick and Michonne's exits, there are few leaders left to take control. Perhaps his arc has been building up to Daryl's rise to power all along.

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