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It takes a long time for games to be released in the current landscape of gaming, with Horizon Forbidden West's arrival marking five years since the first entry made its debut. The story continues with Aloy’s quest to search the Forbidden West for a way to save the lives of the Nora tribe.

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Returning elements include action-adventure, platforming, and open world exploration among other aspects. With another long wait for a potential sequel certain to follow after they've enjoyed the game, fans may want to indulge in titles that bring an experience similar to Horizon Forbidden West as well as the series overall.

Chloe is one of the most intelligent Uncharted characters and it made sense for her to get a spinoff in the leading role. The game has the same outline as Uncharted, featuring a lush backdrop where Chloe partners with former villain Nadine Ross in order to retrieve a priceless tusk.

Gameplay is linear in that there’s no open world environment to explore, but Horizon fans will connect with the setting, which comprises large forests that requires a great deal of platforming. There’s also a mystery in the plot over Chloe’s parentage, which is similar to Aloy’s own path toward finding who she is.

While the game does adhere to a few Assassin’s Creed cliches like the padding of the map, Odyssey is arguably the entry that delivers the most value to players. Like Horizon Forbidden West, there’s a huge world to explore that remains mysterious until the protagonist ventures into dangerous territories.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has a similar conversation technique to Horizon, where players have the option to choose how the dialogue between characters pan out. The protagonist, Kassandra, also has an arc based around finding her family that Aloy went through herself.

The Horizon games tend to take their time in telling the stories, with quite a lot of time spent on investigations and establishing character arcs. Final Fantasy XV takes this aspect to even greater lengths, as players are required to spend hours on end uncovering secrets.

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It features an open world filled with various kinds of monsters and fantastical creatures that the protagonist and his group interact with. Combat is very different from Horizone Forbidden West, but that will be part of the challenge that fans looking for something new will need to accommodate for.

Among the PlayStation 2 games that still hold up today, this feature is unique for the way gameplay is exclusively toward taking down the colossi. Like Horizon Forbidden West, the protagonist has to travel the outreaches of the world in their mission that sees them battling massive enemies.

Here, players need to track down a number of colossi whose deaths are required for him to resurrect the woman he loves. Gameplay is exclusively about traversing the colossi to reach weak points to end their lives, which is similar to the enemies found in Horizon Forbidden West, only on a grander scale.

The latest entry changes God of War’s Kratos from his villainous ways to search for peace with his son. Horizon Forbidden West continues Aloy’s story to find true acceptance in her clan and her mentality somewhat matches Kratos’ own as they look to preserve their homes.

God of War’s gameplay is less about exploring the open world and more concerned with survival, with many enemies standing in Kratos and his son’s way. The weaponry that Kratos wields is comparable to Aloy, relying on range to shoot down enemies. Kratos’ natural powers of a god provide players with a strong protagonist to fight with as well.

The game can be completed in a nonlinear fashion with a great focus on puzzle-solving and exploration that Horizon Forbidden West also places importance in. The Legend of Zelda series has always been defined by the many quests on offer and this one is no different. 

It happens to be one of the best-reviewed games of all time, thanks to the variety of things available to do in the open world. The plot isn’t the main selling point, as the title firmly wants players to spend hours in this universe uncovering every possible avenue to achieve full completion.

Horizon Forbidden West’s main outline is about Aloy’s search for a way to cure her homeland of a mysterious plague. Similarly, Ghosts of Tsushima features samurai Jin Sakai on a quest to preserve Tsushima Island as it is overrun by the Mongol invasion of Japan.

The game is much more confrontational than the Horizon series, with players required to partake in combat sequences that utilize the protagonist’s samurai training. While platforming is kept to a minimum, the world exploration aspect is similar to Horizon Forbidden West, except that players are much more reliant on finding their own than placing faith in the map.

Part of the survival horror genre, Dying Light 2 is a first-person adventure game that primarily focuses on evading enemies using the skills of parkour. The similarity with Horizon Forbidden West comes from the platforming aspect, which Dying Light 2 completely dives into and provides multiple ways to accomplish.

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The title brings with an open world that is based around its zombie theme, which is a unique experience since games in the genre aren’t generally playable in the first-person narrative style. It’s also one of the more recent entries to indulge in and feels entirely fresh.

Horizon Forbidden West has Aloy assemble a band of companions to assist her across various backdrops. The Outer Worlds also has players recruit NPCs for their personal missions, which are mainly about exploring the star system that the futuristic setting of the story features.

It’s played through a first-person perspective with a heavy focus on the plot that’s about an alternate future where a class-centric society looks to terraform different planets. While the combat system can feel rather uneven, the fast-paced story will keep players invested and the immersive environments certainly help in retaining the appeal.

Lara Croft’s third entry in her origin story completes her turn toward becoming a true tomb raider, taking her to the hidden city of Paititi that she has to protect from cataclysmic events. Like Horizon Forbidden West, the game has players locating the source of the disturbance to avoid all-out calamity.

Gameplay steers more toward platforming than combat, with Lara required to scale just about every corner of the ancient city to unlock its secrets. That’s not to say that fighting isn’t an option, as Lara’s arsenal of weapons does the trick in bringing big-time combat sequences that have a pure cinematic entertainment value.

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