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Telegram has recently launched a new update that will allow users to react to messages on the app. In the past few months, the instant messaging platform has added many features to compete with rival applications such as WhatsApp and Signal. For instance, Telegram announced an update on Dec. 7, 2021, including the ability to limit content sharing via forwarding and downloading media and text recognition for photos in Telegram chat for iOS users. Alongside, Telegram also introduced the feature of clearing chat history based on a specific day or date range and anonymous posting in public groups.

Last year, Telegram also added Group Video Calls and Animated Backgrounds. In addition, to compete with the audio-only social platform Clubhouse, Telegram also introduced Voice Chats 2.0 that gave the admins of public groups and channels control over the speaker. The update brought Clubhouse-like features to Telegram, including raising hands to speak, links that can invite people to the group conversation, and chat recordings. All these features enhanced the user experience on the platform.

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On Dec. 30, 2021, Telegram announced the Message Reactions feature through a blog post. It will allow users to react with a thumbs-up emoji by double-tapping messages. Additionally, users will have the option to react to messages with other emojis such as a smiley face, fire emoji, thumbs-down emoji, and party popper by tapping once on Android and long-pressing on iOS. Further, each reaction appears on the chat interface with a unique animation. The feature will enable Telegram users to respond to messages on the platform quickly.

To change the default message reaction on Telegram, users can head over to the Quick Reaction found in the Chat Settings menu on Android and the Stickers and Emoji menu on iOS. The default message reaction on Telegram is thumbs-up as opposed to a red heart emoji on the social media platform Instagram. While the message reactions are always enabled in private chats, admins of channels and groups can enable or disable the feature. Telegram says that the feature can be used to collect feedback in public groups, where the admin can limit the message reaction to upvote or downvote messages. Admins can find controls for message reactions in the Edit menu located inside the channel's Info Page.

For those catching up, Message Reactions are a feature that has been around on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook Messenger. Users can double-tap on a message to quickly respond with an emoji on these platforms. Additionally, users can hold on to a message to increase their reaction options. In addition to message reactions, Telegram has also introduced the ability to translate messages from within the app and mark messages that contain spoilers.

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