Wolverine Took on a New Identity to Slaughter Galactus

The former Wolverine, now just old man Logan, eventually took on another identity when joining a team that would successfully kill the all-powerful Galactus. While there have been other versions of the popular Wolverine variant in the Marvel Universe, this version would become known as the Hooded Man five hundred years into Earth’s future. With the planet dying, the remaining heroes formulated a plan to save billions of survivors that required hijacking Galactus, traveling back in time, and abducting famous superhumans to be successful.

Created by Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch in Fantastic Four #558, the Hooded Man was a member of a mysterious group of superhumans who ran into the Fantastic Four after kidnaping Doctor Doom. The Hooded Man’s identity was officially known after he successfully took down the Human Torch following his teammates' failed attempts to apprehend him, ending in destruction throughout New York. Johnny awoke to discover that he and Doctor Doom were now superpowered batteries for a machine connected to an incapacitated Galactus. As explained by a different Hulk called Bruce Banner Jr, they were time travelers from the year 2509. Following unstable ecological conditions and superhuman battles that wrecked the planet, Earth was dying and had once again attracted the attention of Galactus. With billions of human lives on the line, the New Defenders created an elaborate plan that if successful, the lives lost in achieving it would not be in vain.

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Despite the loss of dozens, the New Defenders had successfully defeated and enslaved Galactus, using his Power Cosmic to fuel a time machine that sent them back to the modern Marvel era. By establishing a secret base, they sought to kidnap and utilize the Human Torch and Doctor Doom as additional power sources to help them transport all of 2509’s human survivors back in time. As they began the final stages of their plan, they were interrupted by the Fantastic Four, who sought to save their teammate and famous enemy. During the battle, the Hulk’s mysterious stepfather revealed his true identity by unsheathing his adamantium claws, confirming that the Hooded Man was a future version of the former X-Man, Avenger, and once Fantastic Four member, Wolverine.

The Hooded Man’s first appearance occurred around the same time as the Old Man Logan storyline began with Wolverine #66, the latter detailing the adventures of an older, nonviolent Wolverine in a future where the Marvel villains won and divided the world amongst themselves. After a vengeful Wolverine slaughtered the last of the Hulks save for one baby, Logan sought to reclaim the world from the villains and raise baby Banner to become a hero. Due to Logan’s healing factor and powers it is possible for him to live hundreds of years into the future and his close relationship with Bruce Jr. further solidifies that Logan would become the Hooded Man. Although it is unclear how his healing factor and powers were restored, his interaction with his other, younger self at Susan Storm’s funeral is hilarious as the surprised Logan can only say “You gotta be kidding me”.

With the help of the Fantastic Four, the future heroes were able to successfully teleport the billions of future citizens into Nu-World, a hidden world within Earth originally built for the rich and powerful, while killing Galactus in the process. With the future saved but still requiring protection, the Hooded Man remained with the renamed Fantastic Force until he offered to return to the future to help repopulate the desolate Earth. Although the fallout from Secret Wars would introduce a similar yet different Old Man Logan for the mainstream Marvel universe, the Galactus killing Hooded Man is the ideal culmination of Wolverine’s storyline and the closest he’s come to a happy ending.

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