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One of the things that Summer House fans were excited about when Winter House came out on Bravo was Paige's ensembles. As a fashion blogger and influencer, Piage DeSorbo is known for her fashionable looks for less. Whether she's lounging at home with a glass of wine, lying by the pool, or on the slopes, Paige is always perfectly put together.

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Now that Paige is dating fellow Winter House castmate, Craig Conover, fans are loving their fashionable moments as a couple on social media. But before they started dating, Paige was showing off all of her favorite looks in the wintery destination of Vermont on Winter House.

It wasn't until after Winter House was released that fans heard some fun behind-the-scenes information about the making of the show. Since Paige is a fashion influencer and continued to work while in the house, she had a few boxes shipped to the house in Vermont instead of packing it all on a plane or in a suitcase.

With so many looks, Paige looked perfect even when lounging around the house. In one episode, Paige spent the whole day in this creme look designed by Kim Kardashian. The cozy pants matched her bra and sweater, giving her a complete look.

Fans who follow Paige on Instagram know that she posted a few of her winter looks on her grid, but not all of them. One look that fans were dying to know more about was the pink snowsuit she wore on the slopes with the group.

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In the episode, the entire house hit the slopes for a day of skiing and snowboarding. Paige was eye-catching in a neon pink snowsuit made by ASOS, according to Shop Your TV. In a sea of white snow, Paige stood out among the cast.

Although Paige was linked with Andrea as a Winter House couple, the two never slept together or shared a room in the house. Paige shared the master suite with Ciara, which was fun for viewers because they got to see Paige and Ciara's morning pillow chats about the night before.

In one scene, Paige wore adorable silky polka dot pajamas. Shop Your TV noted that Paige's look was from Nasty Gal and that it comes in a six-piece set for a person's ultimate comfort. The comforting thing about Paige is that she doesn't feel the need to be in full glam all the time but she still looks fashionable while laying low.

As a Scorpio, the zodiac sign of this Summer House beauty shows that she's mysterious and creative. Her creative side comes out when she's styling herself, blogging about fashion, or even doing an Amazon Live of her favorite goodies.

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Her creative side also came out in the form of a love of leopard patterns. Paige wore a few leopard numbers that made her look both sophisticated and classy. Big Blonde Hair noted that the long, winter coat she's wearing pictured above is vintage. On Instagram, she said the coat was her grandmother's, but she paired the vintage coat with black, knee-high boots and jeans from Rag & Bone.

Fans of reality shows like Summer House loved Winter House because it was essentially the same house but in a different location and a few new people in the mix. Like Summer House, the cast of Winter House had their confessional looks. Paige had two looks: one in a leopard bodysuit and another in an off-the-shoulder black sweater.

Both confessional looks were gorgeous on Piage, but this bodysuit from Nordstrom was fun and stood out on-camera compared to the other confessional look.

Paige DeSorbo is one of Summer House's (and Winter House's) best castmates because of her raw reactions and authentic personality. She gets in on the action, loves being the center of attention, and goes after what she wants. It doesn't hurt that she has impeccable style and always looks put together on screen.

Throughout Winter House, the cast had themed nights to make each night entertaining. One theme was summer, and Paige wore a simple teal bikini for the occasion. Instead of just wearing a bikini, she made the look cozy by wearing a puffer jacket on top and Moon Boots on her feet. She understood the assignment in this look.

Before Winter House came out, Bravo released promo pictures of the cast with a bio on each of them to introduce them to new viewers. Paige wore the perfect outfit for the promo that made her look sweet and on-theme for winter.

In a beige sweater, Paige paired the top with a plaid skirt and creme peacoat. She wore neutral makeup with her hair down, giving off one of the best looks. After spending years on Summer House, fans weren't used to seeing Paige in winter threads, so it was good for her brand to showcase what she wears in the winter.

In Winter House, people coupled up rather quickly. Paige had her eyes set on Andrea and the two made a lovely match before realizing that it probably wasn't going to last long term. On Summer Housemultiple couples came from the show, but Paige's never lasted. Paige had a short stint with her castmate Carl Radke before dating a friend of her's off-camera named Perry.

While on Winter House, Paige wore this matching bralette and legging set with a cozy brown sweater while Ciara and Amanda were on dates with Austen and Kyle. Paige felt left out at home while her friends were on dates but there's no denying that she looked great in this look.

At yet another house party, Paige was seen trying on a few outfits but wasn't sure what to wear. Her love-hate relationship with a few of her outfits was relatable for viewers. She ended up choosing a pair of shiny leather pants and a halter. To warm up the look, she added a fuzzy, blue jacket that broke up the black-on-black ensemble.

This look proves that no matter what the occasion, Page never misses an opportunity to look amazing.

Due to Summer House and Southern Charm's popularity, Winter House easily became one of Bravo's best new reality shows. But now that Winter House is over and the sixth season of Summer House is about to premiere, fans are excited to see a Winter House face in Montauk for the summer — Andrea Denver. After his stint with Paige on Winter House, fans are excited to see how the two interact in season 6 — especially after their winter-wonderland date.

In the episode, Andrea took Paige on a horse-drawn carriage in the snow. Paige dressed for warmth in a beautiful plush jacket and black sunglasses. Her different jackets for various occasions made her one of the most fashionable castmates while also dressing for the weather.

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