Why Daredevil Could Appear In Moon Knight: Rumors & History Explained

Although it remains unconfirmed, rumors have been circulating that Charlie Cox could appear as his eponymous character from Daredevil in the upcoming Marvel show, Moon Knight. While the Disney+ series will focus primarily on its titular vigilante, played by Oscar Isaac, any number of characters from the Marvel comics pantheon of dark, supernatural heroes and stories could make appearances. In the case of Daredevil especially, these rumors actually make a lot of sense.

Daredevil, which is currently on Netflix, was originally part of the now-defunct Marvel Television, which is why it's not on Disney+ and, until recently, wasn't officially confirmed as part of the main MCU canon. But thanks to his recent appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home, there are now plenty of future MCU movies and TV shows Daredevil could appear in, and theories currently abound on the subject as audiences get excited to see the character return. The Devil of Hell's Kitchen has been a favorite of many Marvel viewers since his own show ran from 2015 to 2018, offering a much darker and more brutal experience than any MCU movie to date. Since Moon Knight is expected to follow in a similar thematic vein, it's logical that the new show could be Matt Murdock's next MCU appearance.

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In addition to the shared tones of their characters and TV shows, there are other reasons it makes sense to put Daredevil and Moon Knight together. For one, they've fought both with and against each other at different times in the Marvel comics; as part of Daredevil's Marvel Knights team in the former case, and in Moon Knight #13 in the latter. But beyond this history and their similar vigilante lifestyles and violent natures, Daredevil and Moon Knight are also linked by an even more significant storyline, that of the Shadowland comic run.

Broadly speaking, Shadowland tells the story of Matt Murdock attempting to infiltrate the criminal ninja clan known as The Hand to purify it from the inside out. But in the process, he becomes possessed by the demon worshipped by The Hand, The Beast. Moon Knight does feature in this storyline as part of the group that attempts to reason with Daredevil and save Hell's Kitchen, and the two fight it out in even more epic fashion than they did in the 1980s. While Moon Knight likely won't use this exact storyline, since it needs to focus mainly on Marc Spector, the trailer does reveal that the show will make good use of the supernatural. Moon Knight's origin and powers don't include demonic possession, per se, but the character's connection to magic could open a window to reference Shadowland in some way, bringing in Charlie Cox's Daredevil.

Ultimately, audiences probably won't know for sure whether Daredevil is featuring in Moon Knight, or other Marvel shows like She-Hulk until they actually premiere. And while the Shadowland comic could offer a fun connection, it seems more logical that Marvel will link Moon Knight and Daredevil through their similar vigilante-ism first before digging into complicated supernatural stuff. Regardless, the characters' shared history reveals that the rumors about whether the star of Daredevil will feature in Moon Knight have a good chance of being true.

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