Too Hot To Handle: Brianna Giscombe's Age, Instagram, Job & More

Brianna Giscombe is a Too Hot To Handle contestant who is no stranger to the limelight. She was already a social media star when she made her television debut. Brianna may have earned a bad reputation thanks to her wandering eye, but in time, she found her place and rhythm with the men and women. For Brianna, island life on Turks and Caicos wasn't Too Hot To Handle.

Brianna took her time joining the Too Hot To Handle cast. She arrived during episode 6, ready to stir things up. Brianna said she was the bad girl amongst her friends, but during workshops, she made it clear that she values purity and a sacred connection to her body. Holly Scarfone was quick to feel out Brianna out of fear that she might poach Nathan Soan. Brianna was more than up for that challenge and the fact that Nathan was off-limits made him all the more enticing. Brianna was down to play hard to get, but once she got to know Obi Nnadi, she felt a stronger connection with him. The two are blessed with the gift of gab and began to bond. She and Holly made amends and signed a metaphorical non-compete clause. Brianna wasn't able to stop Holly and Nathan from giving it a go in the real world. On Instagram, Brianna posted about her journey to self-love and how she's learned to avoid being her worst critic.

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Long before she could tempt her Too Hot To Handle costars, Brianna was busy building a career in the media niche. Brianna hails from Castro Valley, California, and she has extensive experience as a customer service and sales professional. The reality star also has a background in beauty management. She works as a makeup artist by day and a bottle service waitress by night. In terms of moonlighting, she loves getting paid to party. Brianna has also previously worked at MAC and Sephora. She's said that she's someone who is able to get along with diverse personalities and keep the vibes friendly.


The beautiful Brianna has 44.1 thousand Instagram followers and 1844 TikTok followers. On both platforms, she showcases her entertainment skills as a waitress. Brianna's one of many Too Hot To Handle'castmates making big money on social media. She loves dance breaks at modeling shoots and luxurious trips to Cancun, Mexico. Although she initially told her castmates that she wasn't a model, which surprised them, her career in the modeling world seems to have taken off since she filmed the show. Brianna is on the rise to big things, and Too Hot To Handle seems like a stepping stone on her journey.

Brianna undoubtedly returned to southern California with some extra swagger in her step, and an upgraded capacity to turn heads. She knew how to grab the cast's attention the minute she appeared on Too Hot To Handle for the first time. While she didn't steal away Nathan, she definitely had a good time and made a big impression, and Too Hot To Handle was even more fiery with Brianna on the scene.

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