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Alongside its busy cityscapes, indie puzzle-platformer The Pedestrian also brings players to a Campus level to test how much they've learned. Thus far, the Pedestrian has traveled through the Warehouse, Subway, and Downtown City areas, learning new mechanics as they go. The Campus level not only brings some new scenery, but also raises the bar for its puzzle-solving players.

After the train drops the Pedestrian off at Campus, the next few puzzles are easy. The first is a black sign, at which players only need to exit through the top-right. In the red sign puzzle, they can simply bounce across the trampolines, then strategically time the trampoline jumps for the white puzzle above it. When the laser is blocked, they should jump up and activate the lever to create a platform. They can then drop down and bounce again, all while avoiding the laser beam, to exit. Finally, they can continue right through a green sign to reach the main puzzle.

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Similar to previous levels, the Campus portion of The Pedestrian has a multi-step puzzle powered by a handheld gaming device. This guide will go through the doors clockwise, with players collecting the lightbulb, box, and coil in that order. However, these items can be retrieved in any order to solve the puzzle.

To acquire the lightbulb for the Campus level of The Pedestrian, go through the door leading to the item and connect the doors and ladders as demonstrated in the image above. Go through the door and push the box from its original room into the largest panel and off the platform. Return to the smaller room, go down its ladder, and climb up the far left ladder to the lightbulb room. Exit left to bring the box in and retrieve the bulb, then push it back onto the trampoline.

Return to the small room, down to the three ladders, then back up the middle ladder. Take its door to the main panel and activate the switch to bring the box up to that platform. Drag it back to the previous room and use it to jump up and exit left. In the main puzzle area, climb down the ladder to the handheld gaming device and place the bulb into one of the ovals.

Go through the upper left door of the main puzzle to retrieve the box. In the first statue puzzle, use the trampolines to reach the lever and activate the right-hand trampoline. Use that to jump up to the ladder and exit to the statue's left hand. This puzzle has a secret room to the right of the trampoline, so drop down the ladder to the notebook below.

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In the secret room, push the first box to block both lasers, then place the lower box on the trampoline to send it up under the first. Use the lever to turn off the second laser, then use the trampoline to reach the hat pedestal. When finished, drop back down and climb up the dotted line platforms to the right to exit. Back in the statue's hand puzzles, use the trampoline to exit left, then continue left again to a puzzle on a brick wall.

Position the panels as demonstrated in the image above and connect the two doors; note which panels are on top of or beneath the others. From the entry room, go right through the arch into the panel beneath it. Rearrange that panel so the archway is above the laser in the long left-hand panel. Be sure the archway above the laser is specifically positioned right under the panel the Pedestrian will go through. Otherwise, the laser will hit the Pedestrian and players will have to try solving the puzzle from the beginning. Drop through the archways, and the second one should take the Pedestrian to the square panel beneath. Move the panels again to return to the long right-hand panel, this time under the laser beam.

Go through the door to the long left-hand panel. Move the square panel with two archways over to the left and beneath the long panel, as seen above. Positioned this way, jumping on the trampoline will send the Pedestrian through the arch back to the square panel. Once there, move that room on top of the longer panel and position the lower archway above the platform with the lever and box.

Continue through the archway, use the lever to turn off the laser, and push the box off the platform. Drop down and drag the box through the door to the other panel, then out the exit. In the main puzzle with the handheld gaming device, push the box until it drops onto the trampoline, and leave it for now. Go through the last door to retrieve the coil of wire.

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The first puzzle requires a bit of good timing. Use the trampoline to get to the first lever, which will turn off the upper moving platform. Wait until the bottom platform is completely extended, then hit the lever again so the platforms alternate. When the laser is blocked, continue to the next lever to deactivate it. Hop back up and exit right.

Arrange the panels of the next puzzle to connect the doors and ladders as shown in the image above. Move the entry room so the archway leads to the small room with the ladder, then pass through. Go down the ladder to retrieve the key, then drop down and use the trampoline to reach the lever.

Activate the lever to disable the laser in the other room, exit left, and move the entry panel back to its original position. In the room with the disabled laser, drop down and descend the ladder to open the locked door. Return to the unmovable panel, interact with the lever again, and descend that ladder back to the entry room.

Then, move that panel so the archway is above the other lever and wire coil. Pass through that arch, activate the lever, and pick up the coil. Exit right and use the trampoline to reach the highest platform, then return to the initial lever to disable the laser again. Return to the previous room and descend the ladder to the exit room and continue left.

After this, another maroon puzzle awaits. Drop down and use the trampolines to activate the lever, cross the platform, and drop down again to exit left. Return to the main puzzle with the coil and, using the trampoline and box, connect the wire to the two ports as demonstrated above. Push the box to the left and use it to jump up and reach the top left door to exit.

In the next puzzle, use the trampoline to reach the platform with the box. Place the box on the trampoline, then activate the lever to launch the box to the next level. Hop up and use the box to exit at the top right. This will bring the Pedestrian back to the first puzzle in the Campus level, where they can activate the switch and move the platforms out of the way. Continue right to board the train again and use the switches to match the number on the clipboard, 274, and travel to the Alley puzzles level in The Pedestrian.

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The Pedestrian is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PC, macOS, and Linux.

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