The Cyberpunk Vehicles Of The Future May Have Qualcomm Brains

Qualcomm's recent chip developments could lead to making cyberpunk-like vehicles a reality. Its newly announced platform is said to make cars even smarter, with more and more automakers now working alongside them to incorporate these systems into future automobiles. When it comes to its chipsets, Qualcomm is mostly known for developing components that take smartphones to the next generation.

The company has been busy setting network standards and manufacturing chips for various consumer electronics for over 30 years, just to name a few. However, Qualcomm's also been working on its self-driving Snapdragon Ride platform for quite some time now. Last year, it showed glimpses of how its platform can not only make AI-assisted driving more safe and convenient, but can also adapt to a variety of vehicle types as well. This signals a major shift in future vehicles integrating this system go from analog to full-on digital, at a time when self-driving technology is constantly getting even better.

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To further strengthen its position in the transportation space, Qualcomm recently unveiled the latest addition to its Snapdragon Ride platform called Vision System via a press release. This system-on-chip allows automakers to implement a modular surround-view camera infrastructure that integrates features like Advanced Driver Assistance Systems or full Automated Driving into their vehicles. Its implementation can aid drivers by enhancing vehicle perception with better accuracy, identifying traffic signals, pedestrians, vehicles, or other objects that are dangerously close, along with performance improvement capabilities via over-the-air updates. The system itself is made to be highly scalable and customizable, meaning automakers can integrate it in both entry-level cars and high-end models, and tweak its features to varying degrees, making the future of self-driving cars more feasible and accessible to most manufacturers.

Automakers are already trying to reinvent the wheel in terms of future vehicle standards, but Qualcomm is trying to push this even further by introducing its Digital Chassis cloud-connected platform. What the company envisions is a digital cyberpunk-like, touch-controlled smart cockpit that integrates everything, with displays and performance that are as fast, responsive, and as adaptive as smartphones. The Digital Chassis basically unifies the experience of drivers and passengers, displaying real-time road telemetry, AI warnings for inattentive drivers, and entertaining passengers with individual, multi-display entertainment functions simultaneously.

These systems come with longevity and flexibility in mind, giving owners the option of simply upgrading their vehicles' features and components to better versions instead of having to buy new cars. Qualcomm is already working with established auto electronic component manufacturer Alps Alpine to bring to life a digital cabin system. This includes “sound zones” that relay sound to passengers separately and an e-mirror that reduces blind spots, all of which are planned to arrive commercially as early as 2024. With Qualcomm collaborating with renowned automakers like Volvo, Renault, and Honda, it's only a matter of time before futuristic EV concepts make it to reality.

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