Superman's New Villain Is Using A Twisted 'Marvel' Weapon

Warning: contains spoilers for Superman: Son of Kal-El #7!

The latest and most dangerous enemy of Superman is using dangerous technology directly from the Marvel Universe, and Superman is powerless to stop it. The Man of Steel is one of the strongest superheroes in the DC Universe, but he is also known for never harming civilians or innocent lives in the crossfire during a battle - and therein lies a crucial weakness. In Superman: Son of Kal-El #7, this weakness is exploited by the mysterious new villain...using the X-Men's own Cerebro.

As the son of Superman, great things are expected of Jonathan Kent; he's inherited all of Superman's powers, but he lacks the considerable experience of his father. When Clark Kent leaves Earth, he leaves his son to assume the mantle of Superman and protect the Earth in his absence. Unfortunately for Jonathan, the evil Henry Bendix, the president of Gamorra, chooses this opportunity to rid the world of Superman once and for all.

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A massive monster emerging from the depths of the ocean stuns both Superman and Aquaman, who plan to lure it away from the city of Metropolis by using their powers in a peaceful manner (neither has any desire to hurt the creature. But as the monster is turning away from the city, it's met by the Gamorra Corps: a group of metahumans armed with advanced weapons and superpowers. The group attacks the monster head-on - but back in Gamorra, Henry Bendix and his team sit in chairs with electrodes attached to their heads, and the reader surmises that the Gamorra Corps are being directly controlled by Bendix...while the metahumans remain aware of everything happening around them.

One of the Corps, a metahuman named Sparks, is maneuvered by Bendix directly into the monster's line of fire. The helpless Sparks can't move away and is killed by the monster as a horrified Superman watches. This is indeed a twisted version of the X-Men's classic Cerebro machine, either granting or enhancing telepathic powers to Bendix and allowing him to "freeze" metahumans in place.

Professor Xavier's Cerebro always had the capacity to do more harm than good; only the X-Men leader's reluctance to attack or control minds directly prevented it from doing so. Bendix using the machine means Superman can't attack any of his soldiers - for any one of them might be an unwilling combatant, controlled against their will by Bendix. Superman's new and villain working with Marvel-esque technology truly makes him one of the Man of Steel's most dangerous and best enemies.

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