Super Saiyan Gohan In Super Hero Betrays His DBS Story


Gohan going Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is a betrayal of his story in the Dragon Ball Super anime. Gohan, who hasn’t transformed into a Super Saiyan since his last fight with Piccolo, was seen utilizing the form in the newest trailer for Super Hero. The trailer served as the first confirmation of Gohan’s involvement in Goku’s next big-screen adventure.

In the years that have passed since he saved the world from Perfect Cell, Gohan has taken a backseat to Goku and Vegeta, who have been the primary focus of recent Dragon Ball stories. The hero who once looked poised to take over Goku’s position as the franchise’s main protagonist slacked off on his training and slipped a few spots on the list of Dragon Ball’s strongest heroes. Gohan’s lack of interest in being a warrior sidelined him for years, but Dragon Ball Super’s final saga made him relevant again. Though he was absent from Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the second trailer for Super Hero makes it clear that Gohan will indeed be on hand for the Z-Warriors’ upcoming conflict with the Red Ribbon Army.

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Not only will Gohan take part in the fight against the Red Ribbon Army’s android creations, but he’ll also be using the Super Saiyan form to fight them off. While it’s no longer the most powerful tool in the Z-Warriors’ arsenal, it’s still employed quite regularly by characters like Goku and Vegeta. However, Gohan in particular falling back on the form is a surprising development. In fact, it contradicts where Dragon Ball Super took his character during the Tournament of Power arc. While fighting with Goku, Gohan made a conscious decision not to go Super Saiyan. He told Goku that accessing this form isn’t necessary anymore. According to him, his new goal is to achieve a form that no Saiyan has ever unlocked.

Gohan electing not to embrace any of the Super Saiyan forms in Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power represented his dedication to pursuing a “different path”. Instead, Gohan remained in his Ultimate form, which is the same one he used to fight Super Buu in Dragon Ball Z. Gohan having this plan and choosing to go his own way was a sign that in the future, he might be able to access a form unconnected to his Saiyan heritage (not unlike Goku’s Ultra Instinct transformation). Throughout the tournament, Gohan repeatedly proved that he was no longer dependent on the Super Saiyan level. Without the from and admittedly with some help from Frieza, he managed to defeat someone as powerful as Dypso, Universe 11’s third strongest warrior.

The franchise has inexplicably changed course with Gohan in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero by having him use Super Saiyan again. For the time being, why Gohan will change his mind about the form is unclear. But regardless of the reason, it’s worth wondering what this means for his current objective. Has Gohan abandoned his plan to achieve a new form? It’s possible that going Super Saiyan will only be a short phase for the character in the movie. If it fails to be an asset in his fight with Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, Gohan may reaffirm his commitment to his Dragon Ball Super goal.

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