Skyrim: The Best Conjuration Spells (& What They Do)

Conjuration in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a powerful school of magic that allows the Dragonborn to summon weapons, minions, and even Daedric beings to their side. In the past, some of the best spells included conjuring Frost or Flame Thralls, apparitions that can take out entire groups of enemies. However, new arcane tomes have made their way to Skyrim thanks to the release of the Anniversary Edition, which adds a host of new Creation content now canon to the lore and world of The Elder Scrolls V.

Yet, several of these new spells, as well as older ones, will require the Dragonborn to have a large pool of Magicka and an adequate level in Conjuration magic. Conjuration naturally isn't the easiest Skyrim mage skill to level and requires players to continuously conjure objects or creatures in battle. Fortunately, there are a few exploitative techniques that will help Elder Scrolls fans significantly speed up the leveling process, allowing them to swiftly attain the level at which they can use the best Conjuration spells in Skyrim.

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The first best Conjuration spell that any Skyrim mage should learn is Soul Trap, and it is also the incantation needed for power leveling their Skill Tree. By casting Soul Trap on a corpse or carcass, Apprentice magic users can rapidly gain XP for Conjuration magic. Additionally, the Soul Trap tome is very easy to come by, and conjurers should begin using it as soon as they can to fill their Soul Gems. Another leveling technique is continuously summoning one of Bound Weapons when nearby an enemy. It is recommended to choose an adversary that is either stuck or unable to reach the player. Such scenarios would include Slaughterfish bound to the water or Skyrim Draugr attempting to attack the player perched atop a ledge. Once players attain a sufficient level, they will be able to handle even the most powerful Conjuration spells.

The second-best Skyrim spell in Conjuration magic is any Bound Weapon. The Bound Bow is especially strong, allowing the Dragonborn to equip an ethereal Daedric Bow and a hundred Daedric Arrows for two minutes. Daedric weapons are not easy to obtain in the early game, but players who are Adept in Conjuration can summon these mighty weapons at any time.

Next, the Novice-level Conjure Undying Ghost and Adept-Level Conjure Tomb Guardian are excellent Conjuration spells that players won't need too high a level to use. The Undying Ghost is unique in that it scales with the Dragonborn's Magicka pool, meaning as the player increases in power, so does the Undying Ghost. As for the Tomb Guardian, it can summon a Shade to fight for the player whenever it kills an enemy. While these aren't the strongest conjure spells, their accessibility and practicality at lower levels make them the best for developing mages.

Another superb spell to have in Conjuration is Summon Daedric Horse. While it is essentially the same as the Summon Arvak spell, the Daedric Horse is much more accessible for players to obtain. The only way to acquire Arvak is in the Soul Cairn. Reaching the Soul requires players to complete a significant portion of the Dawnguard questline. As a result, the Daedric Horse is the better choice in Skyrim.

Finally, the two Master-level spells, Conjure Ancient Deathpriest and Conjure Ayleid Lich, are by far the best spells Conjuration has to offer. Both of these legendary beings wield powerful Destruction magic and can also raise the dead to fight for them. The Deathpriest spawns three Shades upon death, and the Lich can be summoned twice. With these two Conjuration spells, players will not have to fear taking on any dangerous enemy in Skyrim.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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