Sigourney Weaver Almost Played A Resident Evil Villain Opposite Milla Jovovich

Resident Evil star Milla Jovovich could have faced off with a villain played by movie icon Sigourney Weaver. Milla Jovovich's Alice didn't originate from the Resident Evil video games, with director Paul W.S. Anderson basing her off the titular character from Alice In Wonderland. The first movie was designed to mirror the events of Alice In Wonderland, including Alice descending into a dangerous underground world and facing off with a villain called the Red Queen, who likes to take off people's heads.

Over the course of the Resident Evil movies, Alice evolved into a nigh-invincible warrior after bonding with the t-Virus, and the series took more of an action-focused approach than the games. While this upset some devotees of the series, the movies themselves were major hits with general audiences. The Milla Jovovich Resident Evil saga spanned six movies, which collectively grossed over $1 billion worldwide. The franchise also helped make Jovovich an action star, appearing in the likes of Ultraviolet and Anderson's Monster Hunter.

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Milla Jovovich's Alice has become something of an action icon in her own right, with the character and the franchise sometimes being compared to the Alien series. While they don't really compare in terms of critical acceptance, there are some similarities between the Resident Evil and Alien movie franchises, including being fronted by strong female characters. In fact, Anderson and his producer Jeremy Bolt strongly considered bringing in Sigourney Weaver to the Resident Evil series as a villain.

During a 2017 Resident Evil movie retrospective with Inverse, the two discussed leaning into the Alien comparisons by casting Weaver. Anderson stated of the idea "I remember at one point we had a discussion about, do we make an offer to Sigourney Weaver? Because, for our generation, when you think about strong women, she’s really the archetype." They thought better of the Sigourney Weaver Resident Evil concept, however, feeling it was a bad idea to directly draw comparisons to the Alien saga.

Sadly, they didn't share what Resident Evil villain role Sigourney Weaver could have played either, or which sequel they were thinking of. Outside of the murderous A.I. the Red Queen, there are no major female antagonists in the movies. It's possible an early version of Iain Glen's Dr. Isaacs - who evolved into the overarching villain of the entire Resident Evil franchise - was developed with the idea of Weaver playing the part. While it would have been fun to see Sigourney Weaver clash with Jovovich's Alice in a Resident Evil film, it was the best move not to pursue it. It would likely have been seen as a gimmick, and it's also unlikely Weaver would have been given a character with much depth to work with.

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