She-Hulk: 10 Comics Characters Who Should Appear In The Series

Like every Marvel character who graces the big (or small) screen to become a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, She-Hulk has a rich gallery of characters who could conceivably make an appearance. While the tone of the forthcoming show is still a mystery, the brief glimpse viewers have gotten of She-Hulk reveals a series that's both smart, sexy, and funny to boot.

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Whether they're an already established screen presence in the MCU or confined to unusual but original storylines, those who could help add color and life to those elements are numerous. Whether they're members of her rogues gallery or lotharios gallery, her friendships or coworkers, the various characters of in-print She-Hulk stories could take the Disney+ show to a whole other level.

The tryst between She-Hulk and Luke Cage reverberated beyond the pages of Heroes for Hire, in which Cage won a bet that also landed him a date with the green heroine. It was interrupted by Titania and Absorbing Man, but the two continued to see one another before Cage eventually settled down with his true love, Jessica Jones.

Given the slow roll of the Netflix Marvel characters into the MCU, She-Hulk would be an ideal entry point for Mike Colter's Luke Cage, and the on-screen chemistry between him and series star Tatiana Maslany could very well be smoldering. On top of that, with Jameela Jamil already cast as comics fan-favorite villain Titania, that particular scene from the comics could be recreated on-screen as a nod to fans.

With Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner/Hulk set to appear, could Hulk's long-time nemesis, Gen. Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross, be far behind? Rumors have circulated for two years now that Ross' alter-ego, Red Hulk, will make his MCU debut in She-Hulk, and fans of both the character and the MCU are eagerly awaiting confirmation when the series debuts.

Whether actor William Hurt returns to the role remains to be seen, but given his penchant for showing up even for small parts — in Black Widow, for example, or at Tony Stark's funeral in Avengers: Endgame, it's definitely a possibility. And given that his daughter, Betty, is one of Jennifer Walters' closest friends in the comics, could it be an entry point for her as well? Given that she's also Red She-Hulk, it's a tantalizing possibility.

It's a long shot, but fans of She-Hulk Vol. 3, issues 8-10, would love to see a recreation of the storyline that saw Jennifer Walters face off against Matt Murdock in the courtroom. It was a legal battle over the legacy of Captain America, and with Steve Rogers still alive in the MCU, it could conceivably take place, bringing Chris Evans and Charlie Cox as some big-league guest stars to the Disney+ series.

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Granted, it's not likely to happen, but the story itself was a finely crafted one that focused more on the legal skills of She-Hulk's alter-ego than it did on feats of strength and heroism. Given the proclivity in the MCU to round out characters beyond their costumes, bringing Matt Murdock (and/or his alter-ego, Daredevil) into the She-Hulk fold would help shape the show as a legal drama as much as a superhero one.

In the comics, the crimefighter known as Hellcat is one of Jennifer Walters' closest friends, even working for her for a brief time as a private investigator. In the Netflix Marvel series Jessica Jones, Season 3 ended with Rachael Taylor's Trish Walker on her way to The Raft after realizing that her quest to become a hero had actually turned her into a villain.

It remains to be seen what She-Hulk writers have in store for her interpersonal relationships, but a potential cross-pollination of comic storylines and Marvel's reintroduction of Netflix characters could see Walters serving as a defense attorney for Walker. What happens afterward is anyone's guess, but it would be an ingenious way to place Walker in the MCU, and as She-Hulk's closest confidant, no less.

In the comics, Wyatt Wingfoot is a long-time and loyal ally of the Fantastic Four, having roomed with Johnny Storm during college. It's through that team that he first meets She-Hulk, with whom he becomes romantically involved for a brief time.

On paper, She-Hulk is a confident, sexually liberated woman who enjoys a number of liaisons without shame or awkwardness. Wingfoot was one of her most serious partners, and the two were even engaged for a short period of time. Adding him to the Disney+ mix would certainly bring love story elements to the show that seem almost necessary, given the complexities of the title character.

Dr. Daniel Ridge, affectionately known as "Zapper," is another nonpowered human whose presence as a secondary character in She-Hulk would add to the titular character's development. As a former lover of Jennifer Walters, Zapper often struggled with his feelings for her, even after marrying someone else.

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Script writers would be wise to address She-Hulk's various romantic entanglements, given how much it's a part of her comics storyline. And involvement with individuals who don't have powers or abilities would make for an interesting exploration: How do superheroes fit into the world normal humans inhabit?

Augustus Pugliese, a former bouncer turned attorney nicknamed "Pug," is another non-powered individual who fell under the spell of She-Hulk's looks, charm and intelligence. Although she spent most of the comics oblivious to his feelings, Pug was nevertheless dedicated to her — as well as other heroes, to whom he felt he owed a debt after his life was saved by Spider-Man.

In that regard, an actor cast as Pug could conceivably play a part in a number of Disney + MCU series, much as Rob Morgan did as Turk Barrett across the Netflix Marvel shows (and even a small amount of screen time in Defenders). It would be another way of servicing multiple properties while acknowledging the close ties between the MCU and the comics from which the films and shows draw inspiration.


In the pages of Marvel Comics, Janet van Dyne rose through the ranks of the Avengers to become one of the Marvel team's best leaders, a role that led her to recruit more female heroes for the roster. That, in turn, led to her introduction to She-Hulk, and a long-time friendship between the two heroes that would be a delight to see on the small screen.

In the MCU, Wasp is the moniker of Hope Pym, played by Evangeline Lilly, and while she's plenty busy on the big screen with the forthcoming Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania, it would be a savvy tie-in if she dropped by She-Hulk for a visit with an old friend.

Back in 1990, writer Steve Gerber penned a crazy series of She-Hulk adventures that led the heroine to cross paths with none other than Howard the Duck. It was a bizarre run of issues that divided fans, but it helped cement the fact that all is not dour and grim in the world of gamma-irradiated heroes.

Given that Howard the Duck (who got his own film in the 1980s) is already a part of the MCU, it would be a wickedly funny treat to see him in the background at a Christmas party hosted by Jennifer Walters, a nod to the Gwenpool one-shot holiday special and the fact that She-Hulk has a great many unorthodox friendships.

A version of J. Jonah Jameson's son, an astronaut who would go on to become the Man-Wolf as well as a She-Hulk love interest, appeared in both Spider-Man 2 and Venom, but the Disney+ series gives the character an opportunity to make his MCU debut. Adding the other-dimensional Stargod element to his character might stretch the boundaries of storytelling within the confines of a TV series, but the possibilities are nevertheless tantalizing.

After all, Jameson and She-Hulk actually eloped in the comics at one point, before complications led to a separation, an event that had a profound effect on them both. If Kevin Feige and company truly want to elevate She-Hulk beyond the examination of savagery that's at the heart of Hulk stories, adding Jameson to the cast would certainly give them an opportunity to do so.

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