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Party Down gained a cult following after its release. The unique show makes for laughs with the story of a catering team and the antics of its apathetic crew members. Audiences remember the show thanks to its characters and their best quotes in Party Down.

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Some of the personalities in Party Down are goofy and erratic like Ken Marino's Ronald Wayne "Ron" Donald. Others are more relatable like Adam Scott's Henry Pollard. The characters showcase their likability in their actions and attitudes when faced with challenges.

Martin Starr's Roman is perhaps the grumpiest member of the Party Down team. He is an inspiring writer. He often judges guests for whom the company caters, as well as his fellow team members in their creative pursuits and work performances.

Roman's unlikable moments come out during his interactions with guests. He scolds a woman who mistakes fantasy for science fiction. He judges Casey's looks to Henry early on in the series. He continually gets into arguments with his coworkers over inane details and mild inconveniences.

Ron, played by Ken Marino, is the team leader for Party Down until he leaves and returns in a lower-ranked position. He tries to be professional and keep his fellow caterers in line during jobs. He is funny but presents negative qualities in conflicts in the series. Ron takes his job too seriously.

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Some fans say his attitude toward work is one of the things Party Down gets right about the service industry. He often critiques his team even if they seem to be doing a fine job. He is erratic and uptight. His anxiety comes out in Party Down's catering jobs and often leads to their failure. He lashes out at others due to his insecurity.

Ryan Hansen's Kyle is an aspiring actor and member of the Party Down team. He also models and plays in a band. He isn't the most professional member of the team. He sometimes crosses boundaries and flirts with guests on the job. Kyle isn't a hard worker.

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Sometimes his co-workers suffer as a result of his selfish endeavors. However, Kyle has a pleasant demeanor. He is friendly and fun. He proves to do some things for others like when he writes, performs, and dedicates a song to his former co-worker Constance Carmell during her wedding.

Casey is a comedian and Party Down team member. She is played by Lizzy Caplan. She is also Henry's romantic interest. She presents several likable qualities. She is funny, pleasant, and kind. However, she can be selfish. She doesn't consider Henry's feelings in her interaction with Rick Fox, one of Party Down's best guest stars.

She isn't a hard worker and sometimes stubbornly makes things difficult for Ron. She threatens to tell Alan Duck about his misbehavior after she refuses to clean up after him. However, she isn't malicious and shows kindness to Henry and her other coworkers.

Henry is one of Adam Scott's highest-rated roles on IMDb. He is the protagonist in Party Down. He is a former actor, although he considers returning to the art following some time on the Party Down team. Henry is negative and depressed about his role as a failed performer.

However, Henry is kind. He helps boost Ron's confidence when he has emotional breakdowns on the job. He helps him when he is being scammed to invest by Tony Carolla. Henry is generally pleasant, although his apathy sometimes makes him appear unaffable.

Jennifer Coolidge plays Bobbie. She joins the Party Down team when Constance leaves. She is pleasant and is almost always presented with a smile on her face. She proves to be an irresponsible worker in moments like when she takes hallucinogens before a job. Bobbie is helpful and thinks of others.

She tells Henry that she will try to boost his confidence and get him back to acting before Constance returns. She critiques him in the process, but her intentions are well-meaning. She presents him with the gift of a recording of dolphins laughing to try and improve his mood.

Megan Mullally's Lydia is one of the Party Down team members who shows up in season 2. She is a divorced woman who tries to start a career in show business for her daughter. Lydia is one of the most cheerful members of the team.

Lydia is helpful. When Casey returns to the team after heaving a romantic fallout with Henry, Lydia tries to help her deal with working with him again. When Kyle is pursuing a woman, Lydia gives him advice. She is helpful and kind, and rarely shows malice.

Jane Lynch plays Constance. She is a former actress on the Party Down team and primarily appears in season 1. She is friendly, kind, and one of the team's most positive members. Constance is helpful.

She helps save an older man after he faints during a job. She gives Henry advice to help him feel more self-assured when he is down. She cares about the feeling of others and tries to help them when they struggle.

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