Midnight Ghost Hunt Preview: The Ideal Ghost Busting Experience

Midnight Ghost Hunt is a 4v4 game of hide-and-seeks that refines the prop hunt gameplay found in games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). Developed by Vaulted Sky Games, this spooky ghost busting game finds creative ways to not only deceive other players but also equally innovative methods in dispatching the enemy team. The twist, however, is that the night becomes more intense for the Ghost Hunters when the clock strikes midnight.

Players are assigned to either the Ghost Hunter team or the Ghost team, with each having customizable loadouts of one weapon, one equipment item/ability, and one special perk. An example of a Ghost Hunter's loadout is a salt shotgun, a Spectrophone to detect Ghosts, and a perk that hides the Ghost Hunter from the Ghost's perception perk. For Ghosts, a loadout could the ability to throw objects, create a decoy, and a perk that makes them immune to a Ghost Hunter's trap. Players are encouraged to experiment and find what the best possible loadout is for their playstyle.

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Each round begins by letting the Ghosts prepare for the night by cursing various props, setting traps, and finding the best props to possess. Like any prop hunt game, the Ghost's main gameplay loop revolves around switching between props to avoid detection and capture, but Midnight Ghost Hunt also lets these props be used as a weapon. When in Ghost form, players can claw at Ghost Hunters and kill them that way, or they can possess a chair or a box and throw themselves at Ghost Hunters to deal damage. There are also special props in each map that give the Ghosts unique weapons, such as a suit of armor with a sword or the canons found on the haunted pirate ship.

Ghost Hunters are more straightforward as they work together to find the Ghosts, shoot them, and either vacuum up the remains spectral remains or move on to the next - doing the former will prevent them from being revived by other ghosts. For most of the game, the Ghost Hunters have a considerable power advantage but that all changes if the clock hits midnight. This transition happens about five minutes into the round and if the Ghost Hunters fail to kill all the Ghosts in that amount of time, those that were killed are revived and all the Ghosts get a buff that increases attack damage and put the Ghost Hunters on defense.

This dynamic switch is what makes each game so interesting, as Ghost Hunters need to scramble to their equipment stations to switch to more powerful loadouts in order to take-down the more powerful and aggressive Ghosts. Up to that point, it's a whimsical and enjoyably stressful game of hide-and-seek that inevitably creates hilarious moments such as an impossible escape or successfully killing a hunter by slicing them down as they turn a corner. Players are incredibly fast as well, so no game seems to take more than 5-7 minutes, which allows players to go from game to game quickly and keep things fresh each time.

When Midnight Ghost Hunt had its first open beta back in October of 2021, it saw an active and increasing player count throughout the weekend. Since then, the team has focused in on what resonated with players and expanded on those things to create a truly addicting experience. Midnight Ghost Hunt is having another closed beta between January 28th-30th and it is one that no one should miss out on.

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Midnight Ghost Hunt is hosting a closed beta between January 28th-30th, 2021 for PC. Screen Rant was provided access to the beta build for the purposes of this preview.

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