Married At First Sight: Fans Don't Get Johnny's Bond With His Co-Stars

Since Married At First Sight season 13 came to a close in November, Johnny Lam has perplexed his critics by maintaining close bonds with many of his former castmates. Throughout his run in the experimental dating series, Johnny's behavior as a husband turned him into one of season 13's least popular spouses, but he's still friends with other wives cast on the latest season. From his harsh approach to his failed marriage to his manipulative charm, here's why Married At First Sight fans are confused by Johnny's relationships with his season 13 co-stars.

Johnny embarked on an ill-fated marriage with his controversial wife, Bao, in Married At First Sight season 13. Unlike the rest of the newlyweds that star in the unconventional reality series, Johnny and Bao weren't strangers on their wedding day. Bao confessed that the pair had met while in college, but the first impression she got from her arranged husband made viewers cautious of Johnny from the start. Bao shared that he ghosted her after their first meeting, and, unfortunately, Johnny didn't demonstrate much growth throughout their short-lived marriage. Fans turned against Johnny when he made hurtful comments about Bao including that he wished he was paired with any other woman.

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On Decision Day, Johnny was rejected by Bao because she, like Married At First Sight season 13's viewers, wasn't convinced he would become a loving husband. Fortunately, Johnny didn't lose all of the relationships he forged during his time on the dating show after Bao turned him down. As he shared in the reunion, Johnny has spent plenty of time with some of the other wives including Myrla, with who he ended up vacationing in Mexico. Since season 13 has officially wrapped, the casts' social media activity exhibited that Johnny's spent more time with Myrla, Rachel, Brett, and Michaela. Although he and Myrla have consistently shut down rumors of a budding romantic relationship, fans are still confused by the wives' affinity for Bao's ex-husband. In response to a photo of Johnny and the girls out together, a Reddit user confessed,  "I still don't get the Johnny allure!?"

While watching the downfall of his marriage with Bao in season 13, many Married At First Sight fans were swiftly repelled by Johnny's unattractive qualities. Johnny's critics have racked their brains to come up with possible explanations as to why he's getting along so well with season 13's other ladies. One theory is that the other stars he's kept in touch with have questionable characters as well. A cynical fan suggested, "They’re all weird enough to signup for this show so I’m not surprised." Another possibility is that Johnny has mastered his manipulative tendencies. While in Married At First Sight, Johnny shared that he prefers having the upper hand in relationships and knows how to get others interested in him. One viewer recalled, "[Johnny wants] women to like him more than he likes them. My guess is that he acts accordingly to get that result."

Johnny might not be the most popular cast member according to the Married At First Sight fanbase, but his season 13 co-stars don't agree with the audience's consensus. To try and understand why Myrla, Rachel, Brett, and Michaela have spent time with him since the show wrapped, fans think Johnny's only conveying the appealing part of his personality. Luckily for Johnny, he left Married At First Sight season 13 with more than just a slew of new critics.

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