Kate Bishop Costume Was More Comics Accurate In Hawkeye Concept Art

In its earliest form, Kate Bishop's Hawkeye costume was more comics accurate, as shown in newly revealed concept art. Hawkeye, Marvel Studios' most recent Disney+ series, unspooled its 6-episode story from the end of November through December, making it fans' first proper MCU holiday adventure. The series was the first solo project for Jeremy Renner's Clint Barton, who has been a key player in the franchise since 2011's Thor. Hawkeye found him grappling with the events of Avengers: Endgame while striving to have a normal holiday with his recently revived family.

However, nothing can come easy for an Avenger, and Clint's biggest obstacle to getting home in time for Christmas would soon become his newest ally. Hawkeye featured the introduction of Young Avenger Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld), here an aspiring hero who witnessed Clint fighting in the Battle of New York and has idolized him ever since. Kate was caught up in both a murder mystery and an ongoing feud with the city's criminal underworld, and, against his better judgement, Clint stuck around to help her.

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As per usual for a Marvel effort, Kate eventually graduated to full-on superhero and received a costume of her own. However, said costume went through a lot of changes in the production process, and new concept art revealed by Marvel's Director of Visual Development, Andy Park, shows the one of the earliest looks for Kate. It's closer to the comics than the show's final suit, with a tank top and detached sleeves. Check it out down below.

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In the end, Kate's costume in Hawkeye was long-sleeved and had a different design on the front. It was more of an homage to the comics rather than a direct recreation of them. While the above concept art isn't exact, it does hew a bit closer to what fans are used to when they see Kate. It was a good place to start, and it would be cool to see Steinfeld in a costume like it someday. However, for Hawkeye, which took place in the winter, the updated look worked better.

Hawkeye won't be Kate's only MCU appearance, as she has a bright future ahead of her now. Though it still remains to be seen when Steinfeld will appear next in the MCU, it's all but guaranteed she will return. Marvel characters constantly have their costumes updated from one project to another, so there's a chance the above concept art actually will be used in the future. It just didn't turn up in Hawkeye, but that's okay. There's still plenty of time to give Kate her proper comics costume.

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Source: Andy Park/Instagram

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