James Gunn Teases Huge Surprises In Top Secret Peacemaker Episode 8

James Gunn hypes up Peacemaker episode 8, hinting at big surprises that few people know about. Starting his week, Gunn's latest project set within the DCEU kicks off on HBO Max. Peacemaker is a streaming series that has spun off of The Suicide Squad, which was Gunn's first foray into the DC world. That film introduced the character Peacemaker (John Cena), a trained killer who values peace so much, he doesn't care how many men, women, or children he has to murder to achieve it. Having survived the grievous wounds he sustained in The Suicide Squad, Peacemaker has been recruited by a new task force as part of a mysterious mission known as Project Butterfly.

Specifics about said mission and how Peacemaker will fit in with another crew after betraying members of his previous one are still being kept under wraps. The series also stars Danielle Brooks, Jennifer Holland, Steve Agee, Chukwudi Iwuji, Freddie Stroma, and Robert Patrick. Gunn wrote all 8 episodes of Peacemaker and directed most of them. While previewing the series, Gunn singled out Peacemaker episode 6 as his favorite. However, there's another installment he's very excited about.

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Screen Rant got the opportunity to sit down with Gunn and talk all things Peacemaker ahead of the show's debut. On the subject of which episode he's looking forward to fans seeing, Gunn revealed episode 8 is a pretty big one. Only a handful of people have seen it or know what's going to happen; critics received all episodes except for #8. Gunn explained his excitement, saying:

There's no doubt but eight. Eight is the best Yes. Eight is great. And I love six, I have a special place in my heart for six, but eight is the one that I really am excited for people to see. As you probably know, we've kept it. We haven't shown anybody.  Nobody knows what's gonna happen in eight. But I know what's going to happen. The cast knows what's going to happen. Some of HBO Max knows what's gonna happen. We're all very excited to show people the last episode of Peacemaker. The last episode of this season.

As the season finale, it isn't too surprising that Peacemaker episode 8 would contain a lot of, well, surprises. The series hasn't been greenlit for a season 2, but Gunn has expressed interest in making it. Assuming that means he already has a rough idea about where a second season could go, it seems likely that Peacemaker episode 8 will go out on some kind of cliffhanger. Either fans will be left wondering what's next, or they will be so blown away by the twists and turns that they'll be eager to continue Peacemaker's story. Either way, audiences will have to watch Peacemaker all the way until the end.

HBO Max has enjoyed a few breakout hits so far, but Peacemaker is perhaps the biggest original show to launch on the streaming service yet. With its ties to the DCEU, it's also a major first for the comic book franchise, so there are some high expectations riding on it. The early reviews for Peacemaker have been generally positive, but the true test will come from the audience's reception. The Suicide Squad was lauded by fans; hopefully, Peacemaker will be too.

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Peacemaker premieres Thursday, January 13 on HBO Max.

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