How The Batman's Riddler Costume Compares To Comics & Past Movie Versions

The Riddler will be the main villain in The Batman, and will appear in a completely different look from any past version. The Batman is set to arrive in theaters on March 4, though a potential delay from the Omicron surge of the COVID-19 pandemic hasn't been ruled out. Directed by Matt Reeves, The Batman focuses on a version of the Caped Crusader still in the early days of his life fighting crime. Robert Pattinson portrays Bruce Wayne in The Batman, with Paul Dano in the role of Edward Nashton, aka the Riddler.

The Riddler is famous as Batman's most intellectually challenging foe, keeping the Dark Knight on his toes with riddles that obscure the nature of his plot. The version of the Riddler who will be seen in The Batman is already clearly a far darker and more sinister take on the character than has ever been portrayed on film. Gone is the Riddler's animated body language and goofy sense of humor. Instead, Dano's Riddler is a shadowy, devious criminal mastermind on the level of the Joker. Nonetheless, Nashton still leaves puzzling riddles for Batman to decipher in his plot to bring Gotham City to its knees.

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On top of his general makeover as a character, the Riddler will also sport a brand new look in The Batman. With what's been seen of Dano's Nashton in the trailers and marketing so far, he will be a Riddler that's truly never been seen before in any Batman adaptation. His new costume, meanwhile, is something that's a unique look for the Riddler, and has even been likened to a famed serial killer. Here's how The Batman's version of the Riddler's costume compares to other looks he's had in the comics and other films.

As soon as The Batman's Riddler costume was revealed, comparisons were immediately made to the Zodiac Killer. As more footage and images of the Riddler have been revealed, it seems that Reeves' version of the Riddler is indeed taking inspiration from the infamous killer. Meanwhile, the suit itself displays very little direct inspiration from the Riddler of the comics and other movies, save for a few key elements.

Paul Dano's Riddler wears a full face mask with glasses, along with what appears to be military clothing. The suit itself still maintains the green motif of the Riddler, with a single question mark on the lower left side of the jacket's torso. In all, the Riddler's look has been completely re-invented for The Batman. That becomes even clearer when comparing the film's Riddler suit to the villain's past looks.

Like every comic book character, the Riddler's look in the comics has gone through many different versions over the years. This comes down to the different interpretations of the Riddler various artists have illustrated. However, certain elements of the Riddler's look have remained consistent. These include his suit being green and his cane adorned with a question mark as the head. The Riddler also usually wears a hat of some kind, usually a bowler hat, with a question mark insignia on it.

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Beyond that, the Riddler's costume and overall look tends to undergo variations in the comics. However, the question mark motif is always a staple of the villain. This ranges from Edward Nygma wearing a suit with a single large question mark on the chest, or one covered in question marks. He also is frequently seen with a green jacket in the comics, itself often decorated with question marks. While the Riddler's look in the comics has gone through many changes, his depictions on film have similarly followed suit.

The two many points of comparison for Paul Dano's Riddler are Frank Gorshin and Jim Carrey. Gorshin portrayed the Riddler in the '60s Batman TV series, as well as the 1966 movie spun-off from it. His look as the Riddler was one of the most recognizable Riddler suits ever produced, a green, single-piece suit with a black question mark on the chest. Gorshin's Riddler also wore pink gloves and a pink mask as part of this suit. Additionally, Gorshin's Riddler had an alternative in his battles with Adam West's Batman. Gorshin's second suit consisted of a black bowler hat with a green question mark, a green tie and gloves, and a green jacket with black question marks all over it. Meanwhile, Jim Carrey's Riddler look in Batman Forever had even more variations.

Two of Carrey's main Riddler suits were similar to Gorshin's, with both also having a green mask. One consisted of a green jacket and bowler hat with black question marks, and the other was a simple green one-piece suit also illustrated with black question marks. Additionally, Carrey also wore a few other Riddler suits in the film. One was a green jacket with question marks that lit up with green lights, which Carrey's Nygma said "keeps me safe when I'm jogging at night". For the final showdown in the Riddler's lair, Nygma also donned a white, glittery suit with green question marks. This suit also had a white mask similar to the main suit, while the area surrounding Nygma's left eye bore glitter in the shape of a question mark. Looking at both Gorshin and Carrey's Riddler suits, their Edward Nygma's clearly had a far more light-hearted tone that Dano's Nashton in The Batman.

For The Batman, Reeves is making no bones about the film having the darkest tone it possibly can. As the primary villain (with Colin Ferrell's Penguin in a secondary role), the Riddler looks to be the epicenter of the darkness the film is adopting. The Riddler has frequently been portrayed as a formidable but comical villain before. However, that approach clearly wouldn't fit what Reeves is going for in The Batman. A Zodiac Killer-inspired master of the mind, on the other hand, is exactly the kind of antagonist that The Batman's tone calls for.

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