Horizon Forbidden West Won't Have Multiple Endings, Confirms Head Writer

The narrative director for Horizon: Forbidden West recently confirmed that Aloy's newest adventure will have only one ending, but players could still impact it in some way through narrative choices made throughout the journey. Guerrilla Games recently posted a gripping story trailer for Horizon: Forbidden West earlier this week, featuring Aloy facing off against a rebel tribe that aims to take control of the wild machines at the heart of the titular Forbidden West. She won't be alone on this new adventure either, as the trailer confirms that fan favorites like Erend will be returning to lend a hand in Horizon: Forbidden West.

As was the case with Horizon: Zero Dawn, players will have plenty of options when it comes to journeying through the post-apocalyptic landscape of Forbidden West as Aloy and her growing band of allies, such as deciding what kind of weapons to use in bringing down the game's colossal robotic beasts or in which order to complete the many sidequests and errands Aloy will no doubt be tasked with. Additionally, Forbidden West features a more varied skill tree that will support up to six different playstyles, allowing fans to craft Aloy into either a stealthy hunter that traps her foes from the shadows or a more straightforward warrior that charges into battle with spear in hand. However, just like in Zero Dawn, the plot of Horizon: Forbidden West will only end in one way regardless of what choices players make during the game.

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In a recent interview with Everyeye (with translations provided by The Gamer), Horizon: Forbidden West narrative director Benjamin McCaw revealed that the game will have a single ending, one that he describes as being "very strong and impactful." However, he also states that "some nuances may change depending on the characters you have given space and attention to" and that there will be some strong moral decisions that "will have extremely powerful consequences." McCaw then explained that he and his team at Guerrilla Games wanted to make the missions and side characters Aloy will come across in Horizon: Forbidden West more impactful on the main plotline, but notes that players still won't be able to pick which of these supporting characters will accompany them on missions despite their increased importance in the plot.

Sony and Guerrilla Games first announced Horizon: Forbidden West back in 2020, a full three years after Horizon: Zero Dawn was released to much critical praise on the PlayStation 4. Since then, the game's developers have slowly unveiled details about Forbidden West's new enemy types (such as the massive, snake-like Slitherfang), improved AI and graphics, and new underwater combat that will see machines follow Aloy into the water. Unfortunately, the plot to Horizon: Forbidden West has been leaked a month before it is set to launch, meaning that fans hoping to jump into Aloy's next adventure unspoiled will have to be very cautious going forward.

The recent story trailer for Horizon: Forbidden West has promised a dramatic and emotional plot for Aloy and her friends, one that will have a single conclusion that can be somewhat shaped by narrative choices the player makes along the way. How and to what extent the choices that Benjamin McCaw describes will impact this ending remains to be seen, but fans won't have to wait much longer as Horizon: Forbidden West is set to launch on both PlayStation consoles next month.

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Source: Everyeye (via The Gamer)

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