Hawkeye & 9 Other Solo Avengers Comics That Got Canceled Too Early

The Hawkeye streaming series was based heavily on the acclaimed 2012 Hawkeye comic book series, but that was actually one of the shortest runs featuring the character. A number of iconic Avengers have had solo titles over the years that were canceled too early or ended too soon thanks to a number of factors, much to the dismay of fans of the individual books and creative teams.

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Some of the best solo Avengers titles have come in the last ten years, as Marvel Comics has moved toward a policy of restarting books with a new creative team or change in the story. That has led to some great books coming to an end too soon, but this has happened throughout the entire history of Marvel, including to some of the most popular members of the Avengers like Spider-Man.

The 2012 Hawkeye solo series that paired Clint Barton with Kate Bishop was one of the best Hawkeye comic books of the 2010s, and in many respects, ever. Despite winning the Harvey Award for Best Single Issue with issue #11, the book lasted only 22 issues.

The book, written by Matt Fraction and drawn by David Aja, was relaunched in 2015 as All-New Hawkeye under the broader line-wide branding at the time. Though the story continued for Clint and Kate, this run ended way too soon for fans.

Thunderstrike is one of the best alternative versions of Thor in Marvel Comics, but his solo title didn't last that long. Beginning in 1993, his individual run only lasted 24 issues before being canceled. It was a true end for the character; he died in the final issue.

Though Thunderstrike embodied a lot of the tropes of the early 90s in comics, including a costume that featured the ubiquitous leather jacket of the period, the series and character still had their fans.

A solo Avengers title that got canceled too soon was actually Solo Avengers. This anthology series from the late 80s ended after just twenty issues, and featured a primary story about Hawkeye and then a second one with a rotating focus on other members of the team.

The book was a lot of fun as it gave Hawkeye a spotlight at the time, and was home to some of the best Hawkeye comic book issues of the 80s. It also provided characters who didn't get much spotlight in the Avengers title a chance to shine on their own.

The 2016 Mockingbird solo series only lasted eight issues but was key in bringing this longtime Avenger back to the spotlight. It was a fun book that established Bobbi Morse as one of the best spies in the Marvel Universe and a top agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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For years, Bobbi Morse had been dead in the comics, but she returned at the end of the Secret Invasion crossover event. This book was her first big showcase afterward, but didn't last nearly long enough for some fans of the character.

Darkhawk was a member of the West Coast Avengers in the early 90s and also starred in his own solo series. That series ended after 50 issues in 1995, a decent but ultimately short-lived run given his popularity with fans at the time.

The character featured in numerous titles including The New Warriors, but many forces conspired against this book, including the contraction of the comic book market in this period. By 1995, the speculator boom was a bust and Marvel was headed toward bankruptcy.

Black Panther has been a member of the Avengers for decades and has had a series of outstanding solo titles. One of the best was also the shortest. Volume five of the series only lasted twelve issues in 2009 before being canceled.

It featured one of the most interesting periods of the character, with Shuri taking over for Black Panther for a brief period after T'Challa was severely injured in a war with Doctor Doom. Elements of this volume are likely to influence the MCU as it moves forward with Black Panther.

Spider-Man became an Avenger in the early 2000s at long last, and his solo titles are among the most successful ever. One of them ended way too soon, though. Non-Stop Spider-Man was canceled after just five issues in 2021, despite outstanding art by Chris Bachalo.

There are numerous Spider-Man titles that continue, but this series brought a lot of unique energy with Bachalo's art and a modern and fun story by writer Joe Kelly. The team will continue forward on a new so far unannounced Spider-Man title this year.

Black Knight has become the focus of a lot of attention thanks to his live-action debut in Eternals, but this longtime Avenger saw his only solo title end early. The 2015 comic book was canceled after just five issues, ending the first real focus on Dane Whitman abruptly.

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Written by Frank Tieri and illustrated by Luca Pizzari, the series delved into the character of Dane Whitman and the history of the Ebony Blade in a way that was unique, with a strange setting in Weirdworld.

Comic book fans know Moon Knight has had several solo series over the years. One of the best and one of the shortest was volume seven. This version of the comic lasted only seventeen issues before being canceled in 2015. It was a shame, as it featured one of the most unique takes on the character.

This volume introduced the persona of Mr. Knight, a different incarnation of Moon Knight in an all-white business suit and mask. The series also delved into the complex psychology of Marc Spector in a significant way, and will likely have some influence on the MCU series.

She-Hulk is also getting an MCU series and it's likely to draw from one of her best recent solo runs. The third volume from 2014 by writer Charles Soule and artist Javier Pulido is one of the best to ever feature Jennifer Walters, but it ended after only twelve issues.

The series focused on She-Hulk as a lawyer, turning the book into a lighthearted legal drama. It also paired her with Matt Murdock in a preview of a likely MCU plotline. It was a fun and unique take on a classic character and fans were sad to see it end so soon.

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