Halo Infinite's Cyberpunk Visor Is Off-Center, Bothering Fans

Halo Infinite players are noticing that the newly released hologram visor cosmetic is somewhat off-center, and many are taking to the internet to complain. Ever since Halo Infinite’s surprise release last November, 343 Industries has been adding new events and unlockable cosmetics for players to customize their in-game avatars with, starting with November’s Fractured: Tenrai event that gave fans early access to the samurai-like Yoroi armor and the classic Fiesta game mode.

This trend has continued with this month's Halo Infinite Cyber Showdown event, which started yesterday and is set to continue until January 31. By participating in this latest Halo Infinite multiplayer event, players can unlock several cyberpunk-style cosmetic items either by purchasing them with real money in Halo Infinite’s online store or completing certain challenges as part of Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass. One of these futuristic items is the Neon Screen visor, which places a neon blue cyberpunk style holographic display over the standard Spartan visor. It’s a pretty cool effect, but some players are noticing something off about how the Neon Screen looks on their custom Spartan warrior.

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As reported by Kotaku, Halo Infinite players are discovering that the Neon Screen shown visually on their in-game character model is slightly off to the right when displayed on the cosmetics screen. While this oversight is mostly visual in nature, some fans are posting their displeasure about it on social media outlets like the Halo subreddit, where user j4ckc00p3r points out that the visor isn't even the only accessory that's not aligned properly. Players are demanding that 343 change it in an update patch with varying levels of tact. Others think that while the visor is crooked, the complaining players are blowing the situation out of proportion for something so minor - and some have even started making fun of the more zealous of the complainers. Nonetheless, neither 343 Industries nor Microsoft has addressed the misaligned Halo Infinite visor at the time of this writing.

This is far from the only controversial issue in Halo Infinite, as while the game itself is rather well-received in both its single-player and multiplayer versions, fans have found plenty of issues both large and small. Some took issue with the slow progression of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer battle pass, stating that they would have rather paid full price to unlock everything from the start rather than have all the game’s cosmetic items be only available through expensive microtransactions. Halo Infinite not releasing with the popular campaign co-op and Forge Mode of past Halo titles was another sore spot for players, made even worse by these modes being delayed in favor of extending Halo Infinite’s first multiplayer season. While 343 Industries has either addressed these issues in patches or has pledged to fix them in the future, the controversies have gotten so severe at times that the Halo subreddit was temporarily shut down due to negativity back in December.

Whether the recent wave of complaints about Halo Infinite’s crooked hologram visor is justified or an overreaction to a relatively minor issue, it’s something that players are feeling pretty passionate about. It could be a genuine mistake on the part of the design team or a deliberate stylistic choice, but Halo Infinite players want that visor straightened out sooner rather than later.

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Source: Kotaku, j4ckc00p3r/Reddit

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