Green Lantern Has Unlocked His Most Villainous New Power

Warning! Spoilers ahead for DC vs Vampires #3

In the latest issue of DC vs VampiresHal Jordan's Green Lantern just got a villainous new superpower which he's already using to great effect. Being one of the first superheroes to be converted at the dawn of the DC Universe's new vampire revolution, Hal Jordan has been picking off members of the Justice League one by one. As such, the new issue of DC vs Vampires sees Hal Jordan using a classic vampire power to convert Wonder Woman herself.

In previous issues of DC vs Vampires from James Tynion IV, Matthew Rosenberg, and Otto Schmidt, I, Vampire's Andrew Bennet attempted to sound the alarm that an army of vampires had assembled to take over the world. However, the first superhero he told was Green Lantern, who had already been converted and turned into a powerful new bloodsucker. Thankfully, Andrew did have a contingency, having sent a letter to warn Batman before his meeting with Green Lantern. However, the vampires have already started their onslaught with the killing and conversion of several supervillains while using Green Lantern to start turning heroes.

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After Green Lantern was forced to kill The Flash rather than make him a vampire as he'd have been too powerful, Hal Jordan has now set his sights on Wonder Woman in DC vs. Vampires #3. While Diana eventually grows suspicious of Hal and traps him with her Lasso of Truth, Green Lantern unleashes his new powers of hypnosis, a classic vampire ability that proves to be stronger than the lasso. Wonder Woman is helpless as Hal bites into her neck, recruiting her into DC's growing vampire army.

It's darkly impressive that Green Lantern's new ability to hypnotize is more powerful than Wonder Woman's lasso, as well as the fact that her will wasn't strong enough to resist his influence. Now, Green Lantern is now even more of a threat to the superhero community, especially now with Diana by his side to help him to lure others before turning them as well. It will be interesting to see who's next on Jordan's list to convert or kill after hypnotizing them.

While Batman and his family of vigilantes are now actively fighting the vampires (as is Green Arrow's family), it's hard to say if they'll be enough to stop the ever-growing army of supernatural monsters on their own. Being a light-based hero, Green Lantern would have been the perfect ally to have against vampires, which is why it makes sense that he was one of their first victims. With any luck, the heroes still standing will find a way to trust one another and band together to stop the rising tide of bloodthirsty vampires as the new DC vs. Vampires series continues.

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