God Of War PC Devs Want Players To Mod Without Official Support

2018's God of War recently released on PC, and the mythic game's developers apparently look forward to seeing fan-made mods. The epic action game sees Kratos, the series' established protagonist, embark on a journey through Norse mythology alongside his young son Atreus. Reviews of God of War on PC call the recent rerelease a worthy port, with the title's graphics and gameplay enhanced for more powerful hardware.

Serving as a fresh start for Santa Monica Studios' brutal hack and slash series, 2018's God of War details Kratos and Atreus' emotional journey through the Nine Realms. Hiding his true nature from his son, the former Greek God of War must come to terms with his bloody past and his son's own prophetic future. While the game was an instant classic on the PlayStation 4, the PC version of God of War boasts improvements such as Nvidia DLSS and Reflex support, improved shadows and enhanced reflections. While God of War PC mods are not officially supported in the recent release, fans will no doubt attempt to modify the beloved game on their own.

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Despite God of War's lack of PC mod support, an interview with Game Informer reveals that the game's creators are eager to see fan-made creations regardless. Creative Director Cory Barlog and Senior Manager of Technical Production Matt DeWald explained to Game Informer that the custom tools used to craft God of War would make mod support incredibly difficult to implement. However, exceptionally skilled modders will be able to change the game anyway, and both Barlog and DeWald are eager to see the results. The Creative Director specifically stated his love for mods, citing games like Skyrim and Grand Theft Auto V which have continued to grow over time thanks to fan support.

God of War tells a fairly straightforward and serious story about a father and son relationship, but the game also has many lighthearted moments thanks to characters like Brok, Sindri and Mimir. PC mods for God of War could easily add even more humor to the experience, implementing unfitting elements to the somber Norse adventure. Many fans want to see custom crossovers with other properties, allowing Kratos to wield a lightsaber from Star Wars or transform into Nintendo mascot Mario. Less ridiculous mods could also be created, however, with fans adding unique new weapons or enemy types to the action experience.

While God of War's complex design made official mod support impossible, fans will no doubt embrace the challenge and make some interesting changes to the game. The beloved title is filled with memorable characters and locations, and mods could take full advantage of these already present elements. With Cory Barlog and Matt DeWald supporting fan-made creations, God of War mods are even more likely to pop up in the future.

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God of War is available on PlayStation 4 and PC.

Source: Game Informer

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