God of War: Kratos' Power Shown Off In Incredible Photo

A fantastic piece of digital God of War photography demonstrates Kratos' raw power as the demigod faces off with a deadly Draugr. Santa Monica Studio's mythological 2018 title sees series protagonist Kratos journey into Norse mythology as he embarks on a quest alongside his young son Atreus. While God of War's PC release will give the PlayStation 4 title enhanced graphics and performance, many fans are still dedicated to capturing photos within the game's original 2018 version.

While the God of War franchise focused on adapting Greek mythology for its first several installments, the beloved 2018 entry served as a reinvention of the series. Kratos suddenly entered the world of Norse mythology, leading to interactions or violent altercations with several ancient figures such as Baldr, the World Serpent and Thor's two sons Magni and Modi. Atreus also served as a brand-new addition to the God of War formula, with the young boy serving as both Kratos' moral compass and an invaluable ally during combat and exploration. While God of War Ragnarok's release date has not yet been officially confirmed, the highly-anticipated sequel is set to continue the Norse storyline when it releases in 2022.

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Using God of War's popular Photo Mode feature, Twitter user Robert's Virtual Photography has captured Kratos' power and ferocity in one terrific image. The digital photograph sees Kratos squaring off against an undead Draugr enemy, with the demigod holding the magical Leviathan Axe high above his head. Chopping through enemies with ease and using powerful frost magic, the Leviathan Axe is the perfect complement to Kratos' unrelenting strength in battle. In the shot captured by Robert's Virtual Photography, Kratos prepares to drop the axe down on his foe for what is certainly a brutal killing blow.

Photo Mode has become increasingly popular in recent years, with the feature allowing gamers to pause the action and set up a perfect snapshot within their favorite games. Many Photo Modes give players a plethora of different editing options, allowing them to change an image's color grading, focal length, zoom and more. For example, one gamer managed to recreate MCU shots in Marvel's Avengers using Photo Mode, specific cosmetic outfits and some trickery. The superhero title includes costumes that turn Earth's Mightiest Heroes into their live-action counterparts, which can be perfectly combined with some perfectly-timed poses.

God of War is considered to be one of the greatest games of the previous decade, and the title's Photo Mode gives players plenty of ways to capture the amazing journey through photos. Kratos and Atreus's facial expressions can be changed, and color grading allows skilled users to give any shot a more dramatic flair. Using these extensive tools Robert's Virtual Photography managed to capture Kratos' raw strength, and the intimidating power of the Leviathan Axe, within a mythological photograph.

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Source: Robert's Digital Photography/Twitter

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