Far Cry 6: How to Search Ishwari's Home in Pagan: Control DLC

"House on Fire" is one of the Delusions that Far Cry 6 players will encounter on the eastern side of Pagan: Control's map. To complete this side quest and earn its reward, Pagan will need to get into Ishwari's home, searching for several diaries that reveal a dark past. However, some players may run into a bit of trouble with this Delusion due to the lack of markers while hunting for the Far Cry 6 quest items. Fortunately, the search area isn't very large, so discovering all of the secrets of Ishwari's home shouldn't be too challenging.

Upon arrival at the Delusion's location, players will notice two houses: one well-kept and the other dilapidated. However, when attempting to enter the home on the right, Pagan will realize he needs a key to unlock the front door to the first floor. This key can be retrieved by walking over to the second house, the decrepit building on the right, and pulling out the key from the broken front door. After obtaining the key, players should return to the tidy house to begin the search for Ishwari's diaries.

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After entering the central room on the ground floor, players should walk over the ladder on the right and climb up to the second floor. Through the door on the right, players can find a cleverly hidden Far Cry 6 diary stashed within the cupboard beneath the television. After listening to the audible memory from the first diary, players can head back downstairs. They will need to access the tall shelf in the back-right corner of the room to find the next log. Beneath the book, Pagan will discover a "2nd Floor Key."

With the key in hand, Pagan should exit the building and move to the rickety house on the right, going up its broken-down balcony. He must open the second-floor door, enter the house, and crouch beneath the fallen debris near the entrance to find the third journal.

Next, he should vault over the rubble and into the hallway on the left. He will need to climb down the ladder and immediately search the area behind it. Players will discover the fourth diary hidden behind a wooden plank on the floor. A moment later, Pagan will hear the sound of a fired gun in Far Cry 6, followed by a scream. He will need to go outside to investigate.

A brief event will occur in front of the tree out in the courtyard and spawn hostile enemies once it finishes. After taking care of the adversaries, players can collect the final diary entry to complete "House on Fire" in Far Cry 6's Pagan: Control DLC.

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Far Cry 6 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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