Fallout 76 Players Discover Unlimited Jetpack Glitch During New Event

During Fallout 76's brand-new Invaders from Beyond event, one player discovered a glitch that allows them to use the in-game jetpack repeatedly for an unlimited number of times to reach unpredicted heights. Fallout 76's latest seasonZorbo's Revenge, launched last month and allows players to recruit a team of intergalactic villains and build a war machine to help Dr. Zorbo defeat his arch-nemesis Captain Cosmos and take over the universe. Like previous seasons, Season 7 brings a variety of seasonal in-game events, daily and weekly challenges, new rank rewards, exclusive content, and new allies to the post-apocalyptic Appalachia.

Fallout 76 launched in 2018 and introduced multiplayer to Bethesda's long-running Fallout series. The title, however, suffered from numerous controversies and a disastrous launch that featured a broken live-service and an empty world. In an attempt to resuscitate the game, Bethesda fixed ongoing issues with minor patches, followed by bigger updates to draw back players and grow its community. Fallout 76's first big update came with Wastelanders, which fixed almost a thousand bugs and overhauled the experience with a storyline, NPCs, and reintroduced dialog trees seen in previous Fallout games. Wastelanders was followed up by The Legendary Run which introduced seasons to the title, offering players a progression system with in-game awards similar to other online battle passes.

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Shared on Twitter, user InnovSurvivalist posted a clip of what appears to be an obscure glitch that completely overhauls jetpacks and allows players to reach unpredictable heights with unlimited use. In the clip, the user can be seen taking on a group of enemies during the Invaders from Beyond event before using the jetpack to fly to safety. The jetpack however allows the player to reach triple the normal fly height, ultimately confusing them. The user states that while they've never experienced the glitch before, they heard about its existence and wonder if it's a server lag issue. While it's unknown if it's a recurring glitch, other users jumped onto the post and confirmed that it only occurs when there are lots of players in a given area during an event and that some players have even reached the clouds with the glitch.

Glitches have played an important role in Bethesda Game Studio's history; the studio's games are famous for hosting bugs and glitches due to the outdated Gamebryo engine. While these bugs are usually amusing and even charming in their own right, a considerable amount of glitches have caused all types of issues for players over the years, especially in Fallout 76. These range from randomly disappearing C.A.M.Ps to game crashes due to random actions such as eating or drinking water through the pip-boy.

Glitches are mainly coding errors and the bigger the games are, the harder they can be to spot and fix. While the jetpack glitch appears to be an amusing addition for Fallout 76 players, the possibility of it being patched in the future is likely. Those who are looking for a venture in greater heights might want to attempt to replicate the glitch soon, as the next Fallout 76 update could be around the corner.

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Fallout 76 is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Xbox Game Pass.

Source: InnovSurvivalist/Twitter

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