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Since Encanto's release in November 2021, Disney fans have fallen in love with the Madrigal family, the musical numbers, and the incredible powers the characters were gifted. More importantly, fans (especially on Reddit) have fallen for Tío Bruno.

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As Alma's only son, Bruno was given the gift of psychic abilities. However, his visions led to problems for the Madrigal family and the village they lived in. To save his family from the pain his visions were unintentionally causing, Bruno disappeared. But as fans saw, it was thanks to Mirabel that Bruno came back to the Madrigal family and Casita by the end of the movie. Bruno was misjudged and wrongly accused, making fans demand justice for Bruno.

Bruno is one of Encanto's more likable characters because of his selflessness and love for his family. By the end of the film, Bruno appeared in front of his family for the first time in years and had a few things to say. However, before he could get anything out, his sister hugged and hushed him.

TimeLadyOfEarth told Reddit, "I loathe how they kept cutting Bruno off during his apology. Let him speak! You spent so long silencing him bcuz [sic] you didn't like what he had to say and you're still doing it!" Bruno deserved to have his family listen to him after years of silence.

There were a few Easter eggs throughout Encanto that proved Bruno was right under the Madrigal family's noses the entire time — they just didn't know it.

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One of the ways Bruno passed the time by himself was transforming into different characters like an actor. Bruno told Mirabel that the patchwork she saw around Casita was done by Hernando. He then threw his green hood over his head and got into character. Unlike him, Hernando is "scared of nothing." Jamieissicky told Reddit, "In the scene about Pepa and Félix’s wedding, it talks about how Bruno ruined it, but that was clearly Hernando. Justice for Bruno." In the scene of their wedding day, the Bruno shown was his version of Hernando — a brave character with his hood over his head. So, perhaps Bruno was simply acting as Hernando on Pepa's wedding day and she took it darkly.

Bruno was given the power of psychic abilities; he could see into the future. But in the song, "We Don't Talk About Bruno," the characters all sang that his visions were mainly negative. His visions ruined Pepa's wedding day, he dashed Dolores's dreams with Mariano, and he upset the town with dark but true predictions.

However, it's not Bruno's fault that his visions tell the dark truth. It's quite sad that a young Bruno had to see those visions to begin with. GlassSandwich9315 wrote, "I can only imagine Bruno having this ability as a child. How terrified he must have been of some of the things he saw. I can't imagine a young child choosing to see these things." Not only did he have to deal with losing his family, but he had to deal with people disassociating themselves from him because of his power.

In a lighthearted Reddit post, BaconCheesecake compared the use of Bruno in two Disney movies, Luca and Encanto. Fans of Encanto would also enjoy the movie Luca and would notice Disney's "anti-Bruno agenda."

In Luca, Bruno is that little voice inside a person's head that tells them they're not good enough or that they can't do something. In Encanto, Bruno is the "deranged" uncle that dashes people's dreams with his visions. In either regard, fans laugh at the injustices towards the name Bruno.

Abuela Alma was the matriarch of the family and Bruno's mother, but that did not mean she was an angel. It was because of Alma that Bruno felt it was best to hide after she judged him for ruining the family with his negative visions.

Agreeable_Hippo_7971 told Reddit, "This is not an 'I just have to see things from your perspective and you have to let go of the past' deal. [Alma] was the reason Bruno hid away for a decade." Knowing that his mom and siblings made him out to be the antagonist in their own family was a tough pill to swallow for Bruno, and made fans feel sorry for him.

Towards the end of Encanto, Mirabel stood up against her Abuela. She defended herself for not having anything to do with her lack of powers and defended Tío Bruno's honor. As she spoke her mind, Alma told Mirabel, "Bruno didn't care about this family."

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InterestingQuote8155 agreed and wrote, "[Alma] saying that Bruno didn’t care about the family" was one of the worst things she could have done. Bruno left the family because he cared about them so much. Alma was too worried about the cracks in Casita to worry about Bruno's feelings.

Before viewers found out what happened to Bruno, Encanto fans were theorizing about where he went and why he wanted to hurt the Madrigals with bad visions. The entire town heard about Bruno's visions and agreed that he was bad news.

Agreeable_Hippo_7971 wrote, "The townspeople and rest of the family also have a warped picture of Bruno's gift. But his own mother, the beloved Abuela, let it happen." They continued saying, "She let all the blame be put on Bruno because it's easier to vilify someone than to reflect on your own actions."

Erikikoy made a good point on Reddit. "Bruno is the only Madrigal with a gift that requires him to follow a set of steps," they wrote. He needed a big space and he had to be inside a room in Casita. His vision had dark themes, but the Madrigals were not capable of choosing their gifts.

Bruno couldn't help that he could see the future and that sometimes it upset people. It wasn't his fault he was given a power. Mirabel didn't have a gift like the rest of her family members, but she was powerful enough in her own spirit to be the next Disney Princess. It was because of Mirabel's strength that Bruno eventually came forward to his family.

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