Danielle Brooks Says James Gunn Wrote Peacemaker Role With Her In Mind

Peacemaker star Danielle Brooks says James Gunn specifically wrote her part with her in mind, having been a fan of her previous work. With her breakout role on Netflix's Orange Is The New Black, Brooks followed that up with a Tony-nominated performance as Sofia in The Color Purple on Broadway, a role played by Oprah in the 1985 film adaptation. Since then she's made appearances on HBO's Close Enough and on Netflix's Social Distance.

Peacemaker follows the titular anti-hero as it explores the origins of how he came to seek peace at any cost, no matter how many people he has to hurt along the way. The show will also follow Peacemaker in the events after The Suicide Squad, though what that entails remains a mystery. Written and directed by Gunn, Peacemaker is expected to run for eight episodes on HBO Max, premiering on January 13. Early reviews for Peacemaker have been positive, with many praising the cast and humor.

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Brooks, in an interview with Variety talks about how Gunn cast her in the role after seeing her work on Orange Is The New Black. Brooks says "James Gunn watched “Orange Is the New Black.” He was a fan. And he wrote this part with me in mind." She goes on to say that there aren't many roles for people of her appearance and body type in superhero media, something Gunn wants to change with her role in Peacemaker.

Brooks also discusses working with Gunn and how Gunn's scripts allow her character to feel nuanced as well as funny and action-oriented. With Peacemaker having a team to lead, she talks about how her character Adebayo is a sort of foil to Peacemaker, and how their different views serve as a center to the show's conflicts. Finally, Brooks talks about shooting the series in Vancouver with her one-year-old child, away from her family, and the difficulties with balancing acting and motherhood.

With Brooks being one of the few female people-of-color in comic book-based media, it's a step in the right direction for an industry that's been long dominated by white men. Black Panther proved in 2018 that there's a market for superhero media that shakes up the status quo, and though its unlikely things will change overnight, any step is a positive step for realizing diversity in art, one of art's greatest strengths. Despite Peacemaker's red carpet premiere being canceled, the show will soon bring Gunn's anarchistic sense of humor to the small screen, along with a bit of nuance and progressiveness that's good for everyone.

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Source: Variety

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