BOTW 2 Should Let Players Call Their Horses From Anywhere

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild does a lot of things right, but its horses are pretty inconvenient, so a big way that BOTW 2 could improve on them would be to make them summonable from anywhere on the map. Horses are outshone by Breath of the Wild's many other traversal options, such as gliding, climbing, fast travel, and even just running from place to place. Some players hardly ever use them, or don't even at all, because they're such a poorly-implemented mechanic, so not improving it could be a missed opportunity.

In order to ride a horse in BOTW, players must climb on their back and ride them to the nearest stable, where they can register them, alter their appearance and equip special gear. One of Breath of the Wild's biggest problems is that horses aren't worth the effort to use. Although they are fast, and cool-looking, they're also not the best traversal option in the game. Link can call them to his side if they're close enough, but if they're too far away, then he has to go all the way to a stable to get them again. And if they're unregistered, then they're impossible to retrieve since they despawn if Link gets too far away.

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Breath of the Wild 2 has the opportunity to fix BOTW's shortcomings, and one of them is the inconvenience of horses. Possibly the biggest argument for allowing them to teleport to Link's side is that the Ancient Saddle in the first game's DLC does just that. Although it might be a bit messy due to the fact that Link can own multiple horses, there are ways around it. Legend of Zelda gimmicks haven't always been the best, but this one could be fantastic. If the game does it right, then horses could become a bigger part of BOTW 2 than they were in the first game.

The Ancient Saddle is a special item available in BOTW's The Champion's Ballad DLC. When equipped to a horse, it gives Link the ability to summon that horse from anywhere on the map, no matter where he or the horse is. Since this is not a new feature, there's a strong possibility that it will be in BOTW 2 in some form. Although it may not take the form of the Ancient Saddle, horses teleporting to Link's side is still a valuable feature that could put BOTW 2 over the top. BOTW 2 should fix Breath of the Wild's bad features, and this is a big one.

If the game does include this feature, it has a few options of how it will implement it. Since Link can own multiple horses in Breath of the Wild, and presumably will be able to in BOTW 2, simply whistling for one isn't practical. Instead, it could be a menu option, or the game could use a different button to bring the horse to Link over long distances than short ones. A good way to make the feature balanced could even be to select at a stable one horse to be able to come to Link from anywhere, instead of being able to choose from all of them.

Making horses more convenient could also make them a bigger part of the game. Although it seems like aerial traversal will be a big focus judging by the trailers, Breath of the Wild 2 is bound to have some ground traversal as well, so improving on the horse mechanics could make it even better than fans are imagining. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild players could find themselves enjoying riding their horse just as much as paragliding.

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