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While many of the characters in Genshin Impact are affiliated with an in-universe organization or team, Razor is a lone wolf. He was raised by a pack of wolves in the aptly named Wolvendom, a dark forest overlooking the city of Mondstat. Should a player manage to summon him during a wish, they’ll be able to utilize his shocking strength in battle.

Razor is often regarded as one of the best four-star characters in Genshin Impact as he is capable of dealing a lot of damage to foes. Razor is a staple in parties that consist of elemental characters, i.e., Cryo, Pyro, and Hydro. These characters profoundly affect Razor’s damage output and make him ideal for a central DPS role. 

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With a claymore in hand and Electro powers at his disposal, Razor is a force to be reckoned with. His talents consist of Claw and Thunder, an elemental skill that swipes targets in front of him with an electrified wolf claw, dealing Electro damage and creating Electro Sigils which increase his recharge rate. Upon using his elemental burst, Lighting Fang, he’ll summon a wolf spirit that deals Electro damage and converts all of the sigils into elemental energy. Here are the best weapons and artifacts to equip him to bring the most of his powers.

Wolf’s Gravestone

  • Razor’s best weapon is fittingly Wolf's Gravestone, a claymore once wielded by a lone wolf, much like himself. On top of outright increasing his attack stat by 20%, attacking a foe with less than 30% will boost the attack stat of the wielder and their party for a period of time. This boon makes it fantastic for taking down bosses with lots of health, as the passive will ensure the latter portion of the fight will go by a little quicker.


  • Characters wielding the Rainslasher deal extra damage to foes affected by Electro or Hydro. Because Razor can easily inflict Electro on his opponents using his talents, this makes the weapon a match made in heaven. Unfortunately, it can only be obtained through Genshin Impact's wishing system.

Skyrider Greatsword

  • Every time the Skyrider Greatsword lands a hit, the user will gain a temporary attack buff. It can stack a few times, so Razor can make excellent use of this power thanks to his swift attacking speed. This claymore can be obtained by every player if they’re able to venture to the very top of the Guyun Stone Forest, making it a great option for those not willing to rely on the game’s gacha mechanics.

Snow-Tombed Starsilver

  • This boosts Razor’s Physical DMG and also drops an icicle on foes from time to time that also deals significant damage. The Snow-Tombed Starliver in Genshin Impact also allows Razor to deal 200% ATK damage and 80% AoE ATK when foes take Cryo damage. The Claymore also has a lower cooldown time of 10 seconds, half of other Claymore's cooldown time.

Gladiator’s Finale Set

  • Razor’s best artifact set is Gladiator’s Finale, increasing his attack by a whopping 18% for having 2 pieces, and boosting it even further when wielding a sword, polearm, or claymore. It may not seem special on the surface, but flat boosts to damage without any prerequisites or drawbacks will ensure Razor will consistently deal a ton of damage with every swing of his claymore. Pieces of the set are dropped by weekly bosses once the world has reached Level 2, or by clearing chambers in the Spiral Abyss Domain.

Thundersoother Set

  • Equipping 2 pieces of the Thundersoother set boosts the wearer’s resistance to Electro while equipping 4 pieces increases their damage against foes inflicted with Electro. Players who want to capitalize on Razor’s Electro skills will appreciate what this set can offer.

Martial Artist Set

  • The Martial Artist set is by far the easiest to obtain, but that doesn’t mean it’s weak. Having 2 pieces will increase the damage dealt by normal and charged attacks while having 4 will increase them even further every time the owner uses an elemental skill. As Razor will be using Claw and Thunder frequently, he’ll get plenty of chances to activate this fantastic ability.

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Genshin Impact is available on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Mobile.

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