Animal Crossing Player Designs Restaurant On A Realistic Moving Train

An Animal Crossing: New Horizons player shared a unique take on an in-game restaurant this week with an eatery set on a moving train. The restaurant was made by utilizing the game's interior decorating DLC Happy Home Paradise, which has inspired designs of everything from pop culture locales to clever designs such as this since its release last year. One of the best-selling Nintendo games of all time, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has sold over 32 million copies worldwide.

The paid Animal Crossing DLC Happy Home Paradise is all about interior design. Stationed on a new island, it gives players the opportunity to create vacation homes for the anthropomorphic animal villagers and NPCs from the game. Players can decorate both the interior and exterior of the home to fulfill the requests of different animals, as well as certain facilities on the island - for example, a restaurant, hospital, and school that will become usable once completed. Most wallpaper and flooring in Animal Crossing are typical designs one would expect, however that cannot be said for the wares of wandering camel merchant Saharah. This character's wallpapers and flooring have unique, almost magical properties - they are often animated, depicting things like falling rain or the crowd at an event.

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Reddit user Rozd21 shared their take on the restaurant facility this week, where they've given the illusion of a train's dining car. To create the effect, they've used Saharah's Train-Window Wall, which makes the room appear in motion and displays the view of a city at sunset from the perspective of the train. They've assigned the role of waiter to villagers Deirdre and Alice, and many other villagers as well as the player's character can be seen appearing to dine at the restaurant.

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This design is a great showcase of how new items added in the Animal Crossing 2.0 update help add realism to design, particularly the update's addition of ceiling items and food. It is also a perfect example of how Happy Home Paradise has been a great outlet for players to create designs they normally wouldn't attempt. In the past, many players were dissuaded by the fact that if they wanted to create something like this, they would have to do so in one of the rooms of their home. Now that Animal Crossing players have a space outside their home in which to build, many more will be inspired to make their own unique creations.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Happy Home Paradise have so many unique items and architectural options that give players a nearly endless amount of possibilities when it comes to Animal Crossing interior design. On top of that, Saharah's special wallpapers and flooring can create many different illusions in a room that takes builds to a whole new level. Although it was announced that Animal Crossing: New Horizons will not receive any more large updates, it's safe to say that with design options like these the game's creative community will continue to be active for the foreseeable future.

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Source: Rozd21/Reddit

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