America’s Next Top Model: Wildest Facts About The Show

Even though America’s Next Top Model gained a devoted fanbase over the years, many of the contestants had a bad time on the show and are not afraid to spill the tea. There’s been a lot of information that has come out about the series over the years, and long-time fans may be surprised to find what goes on behind the scenes.

When ANTM first premiered in 2003 with host Tyra Banks, there wasn’t anything on the air like it. Few other reality shows in the early aughts put such a focus on fashion, and viewers were fascinated by this glimpse into the world of glamour, modeling, and fashion. Alas, things weren’t always as rosy and heartfelt as they seemed on the show, and many former contestants are bitter about their time on ANTM. These are some of the surprising secrets in the series’ history.

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The first winner of America's Next Top Model was outgoing cast member Adrianne Curry. However, even though Adrianne thought she was getting a sick prize package, that wasn’t exactly the case. The winner was supposed to receive a modeling contract with Wilhelmina Models, a photo spread in Marie Claire, and a contract with Revlon. In a now-deleted blog post, Adrianne revealed that the Revlon deal consisted of modeling makeup in a room full of executives, and Wilhelmina confessed that they had no intention of giving Adrienne any real work. When Adrianne reached out to Tyra for help, all she got was “crickets.”

Each season, a new loft was rented to house the contestants. On the other hand, they didn’t always take good care of the property. One season, the cast and production completely trashed the rented loft leaving “hundreds” of holes in the ceiling for lighting equipment, a destroyed $15,000 chandelier, food and makeup stains all over the house, $90,000 worth of water damage, and more (via Page Six). Overall, the property owner claims there was $500,000 in total damages.

Over the years, many contestants have spoken out about the extremely difficult working conditions of filming America's Next Top Model, which sometimes included up to 20 hours straight of shooting. Contestants were also put “on ice” for hours at a time, where they weren’t allowed to eat, drink, or even talk - so nothing would be missed by cameras. In fact, disgruntled contestant Angelea Preston called it “top model prison” (via Daily Mail). Overall, there have been many cast members who had a terrible experience with the show.

ANTM had a lot of makeup artists throughout the years. Between seasons 4 and 12, however, the lead makeup artist was none other than Sutan Amrull, better known as Raja Gemini, the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 3. The ANTM contestants probably didn’t realize it at the time, but they were having their faces beat by soon-to-be reality TV royalty.

Unlike other reality shows like The Bachelor franchise, contestants on ANTM are allowed to bring as much luggage as they would like. Though the usual reality TV contraband like books, cell phones, and more have always been forbidden, contestant Paige Mobley claims you could “bring as much as you liked” on the show in terms of clothes, makeup, and accessories.

Even though America’s Next Top Model has been off the air for several years, there’s no telling when Tyra Banks might feel like making a comeback. There’s been more criticism about the show since it has been off the air, and the behind-the-scenes drama is a large part of that narrative. Still, there are many devoted fans who are still fascinated by the fashion-focused reality show.

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