90 Day Fiancé: Biggest News Stories From Franchise Cast (Week Of Jan 10)

It's been a week of ups and downs for 90 Day Fiancé franchise cast members, owing to news that was shocking but happy. Stephanie Matto created tons of controversy when she landed in the hospital due to her fart jar venture. Then, happy news came everyone's way as she teased having a new boyfriend on Instagram. Meanwhile, fan-favorites Anna-Marie Mistanoglu Campisi and Mursel Mistanoglu revealed they're expecting a baby son in May 2022. Fans also heard of a baby update from David Toborowsky and Annie Suwan, while Loren Brovarnik confessed that she plans to get plastic surgery and a mommy makeover once she has another baby.

Amid the racist comments that were spotted on Alina Kozhevnikova's social media, former 90 Day Fiancé star Deavan Clegg asked TLC to do better. Deavan predicted that Alina will be kept in the franchise like Big Ed Brown if she makes money for the show and network. Meanwhile, Hazel Cagalitan confirmed that she and Tarik Myers are back together. The soft-spoken Filipina Hazel also claimed that Tarik had never abused her, claiming that she'd used the word "abuse" wrongly.

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On the other hand, Karine Martins disputed her estranged husband Paul Staehle's claims that she's using dating apps to look for a new guy. The Brazilian native Karine also posted about Paul accessing her OnlyFans, and said that she'd never leave her kids alone, as he'd accused her of doing via Instagram stories. On a sweeter note, Jon and Rachel Walters, who first appeared back in 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 2, reunited in the U.S. after two whole years. Then, there's 90 Day Fiancé's unofficial franchise hero, Rosemarie “Rose” Vega, who sparked engagement rumors with her mysterious new BF.

While nobody knows who 90DF alum Rose is dating after her split from Big Ed Brown, there are rumors about her being engaged to the mystery man. The beautiful Filipina Rose recently spent her first international vacation with her son and her "someone special." As usual, Rose documented this important event via her YouTube vlogs and her Instagram updates. One such story on Rose’s IG features a picture of the man holding Rose’s left hand. On the fourth finger of her hand, Rose is also wearing a sparkly diamond ring. However, what really made fans certain that Rose is engaged was her choosing the answer to the question, “Have you found love since Big Ed?” with the same pic and a “YES.”

The beloved 90 Day Fiancé pair, David and Annie, got a brand new spin-off called David & Annie: After the 90 Days in 2022, in which they grow their family. However, if fans thought Annie and David had some “good news” to share, it was not about her being pregnant. It was about them bringing two teenagers from her family to the U.S. When asked why is it that David and Annie haven’t tried for a child of their own, the Arizona residents spoke of a “clinic in Bangkok.” Annie doesn’t think David will want to be changing diapers when he’s 60 and David mentioned that the “three million children that watch 90 Day Fiancé” are already like his and Annie’s kids. However, the couple has dropped hints about David’s vasectomy reversal. If Annie's brother and cousin don’t make it to America, perhaps the couple will decide to try for children of their own.

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Rumors of Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre getting married spread like wildfire after photos from a supposed wedding ceremony from New Jersey were posted by Ari’s siblings in December 2021. A wedding was expected since Biniyam has been in the U.S. on a K-1 visa since mid-2021. However, Ariela also fought with Biniyam’s sisters during the Tell-All, hinting at her never returning to Ethiopia again. Still, this week had Ariela posting an adorable video of baby Aviel Shibre running around in the airport with the caption, “Avi knows what's up! He's home!" Ariela’s 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way fans think she’s moved back to Addis Ababa with Biniyam and the baby, although chances are good that Ari is just visiting on a short trip. It might become a part of Ariela and Biniyam’s suspected storyline in 90 Day Fiancé season 9

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